Aquatic Carriers


The Kingdom of Isenhorst has developed powerful maritime technology. Their new carriers are fast on the water's surface and use ultra high-pressure water cannons.

These carriers are swift and are good not just against other aquatic carriers, but also against aerial carriers, as well.

1. Water Cannon: Pressurizes water and fires it forward, dealing damage.
2. Water Bomb. Launches a Water Bomb at the target, dealing damage.
3. Water Defense Shield: Creates a shield that absorbs damage and also increases the damage dealt by Water Cannon by 20% for 4 seconds. Also increases movement speed by 50% for 50 seconds. Movement speed debuff disappears as soon as you take damage.
4. Giant Missile. Launches missiles 5 times in a row, dealing massive amounts of damage.


The forces of Erlandir have managed to tame vicious aquatic beasts to use as carriers in maritime warfare. These carriers are swift and deadly.

These carriers have powerful attacks and are fast, meaning that they are skilled at hit-and-run strategies.

1. Javelin: A powerful javelin is thrown, dealing lots of damage.
2. Water Wave. Spits a Water Wave that dealsmassive damage and slows movement speed by 50%. Lasts 3 seconds.
3. Popping Water Bomb. Spits a water bomb, dealing damage to a single target. Tracks target upon lock.
4. Diving. Creates a water shield and dives. The first attack while diving deals an extra 50% damage. During diving, movement speed increases by 50% for 50 seconds. The buff goes away if attacked.