Wind Whisper Plains

The Wind Whisper Plains are located in the northeast corner of Erlandir. The plains have a temperate grassland climate with hot summers and cold winters. Rain falls mostly in summer. Regional flora is hardy, and exhibit dense growth habits. The region is dotted with trees.

Since the Aurek settled down in the Wind Whisper Plains under the leadership of Kadel, the Aurek have over time become softened by the gentle environment. They have a deeper understanding of mercy and forgiveness. However, their honor systems, brutality in battle, and thirst for war persist.

The Scarred Hills

The Scarred Hills are located in southern Isenhorst. They lie just north of the Southern Ellescadia Range, west of the Place of Exile and southeast of the Ocean of Infinity. This place is said to have been the battlefield of gods during the Age of Legends. Barbatos left a giant scar on the earth so that future generations would not forget that he used to exist in the world. This scar is named Barbatos Rift. The most famous landmark is Barbatos Canyon (not to be confused with Barbatos Rift), which runs through Ellescadia Mountains and zigzags into the sea southwest of the Scarred Hills.

After Tavik was sunk in sleep, the Upyrians started waging battles against the Doomsday Cult in the Scarred Hills under the leadership of Amonlek. The Upyrians are making up their mistakes and preparing for a renaissance.

Nightmare Marsh

The Nightmare Marsh is located in the ocean north of the Ellescadia Mountains. The marsh is not heavily inhabited, except by native beasts. Primitive Greymist Aquids live here. It is said that this is the place where pirates from long ago buried their treasure. After Vagrad was discovered, the Source found abundant Black Gold mines in the Nightmare Marsh beneath it. They built mining facilities in the Marsh and strongholds to guard them, of which Dalanas is the most famous.
The Doomsday Cult, needing Black Gold to continue its campaign of terror, invaded the Nightmare Marsh and took over the Source's facilities. The Source, unable to fight back against the vast Doomsday Cult forces, enlisted the help of both the Erlandir Union and the Kingdom of Isenhorst in fighting back. Some of the native Greymist Aquids sided with the Doomsday Cult, believing that it was the best chance of reclaiming the Nightmare Marsh for themselves. Most, however, repulsed by the Doomsday Cult's cruel methods and experimentation, sided with the Source in an attempt to drive the evil cult from their lands.
The situation at the Nightmare Marsh remains tenuous. The forces of the Doomsday Cult choke the life out of these lands as the Source, the Erlandir Union, and the Kingdom of Isenhorst struggle to find a way to recapture the Nightmare Marsh and serve their own interests.