New races


Kosh, Aureks and the Yutonians live on the eastern side of the continent of Montel. The Kosh created a great magic-based civilization built on their understanding of nature and Black Gold. They created the huge Kosh Empire to rule the great land of what is now known as Erlandir. In the year 498, the leader of the Yutonians, announced the foundation of the Yutonian Kingdom, and declared war against the Kosh. They were handily defeated by the Kosh.

In the year 725, a Prince Tavik of the Yutonians secretly studied forbidden steam technology. The Great Priest Sadethor discovered Tavik's transgressions and cast a spell upon Tavik and his people that turned them into blood-thirsty creatures. Many called them vampires, but they called themselves the Upyrians. Classes available:


Background :
Ord Island is located to the north of Montel. This land is known for its barren earth, endless ice, and long winters. Hundreds of tribes live on this island. The Aurek Tribe has long been the biggest and strongest. They worship the strong and show no mercy to enemies. Weakness is considered an unforgivable offense.

The Aurek controlled the most resources for a long time. Many of the smaller tribes united and defeated the Aurek. Some of the Aurek left for the Wind Whisper Plains and began building anew there. The Aurek that remained at Ord Island managed to regain control after the union of smaller tribes fell apart due to internal strife.

Classes available:

New class Brawler

The Brawler style of fighting was developed after many Isenhorst and Erlandir soldiers, for want of gainful employment at home, joined the Source. They are able to wield thunder and fire in conjunction with melee in battle.

Commander Carl and Commander Leopold were the individuals who created the Brawler style. When Chief Researcher of the Source Carl discovered that lightning and fire could be fused together and used effectively in battle, he asked Leopold, Guard Captain and renowned melee fighter, to develop a style of fighting based around his discovery. Thus, the Brawler was born.

Class features
Both melee and ranged attack available. Brawlers are good at adapting to the flow of battle. Weapon: Fists, with a staff for channeling magic.

Equipment type:
Leather Armor Energy consumption: MP Advantage: Good at tanking Disadvantage: No support abilities .