New Level Cap

Level cap is increased to 50.

New dungeon (5 players): Grave of Kings

The Doomsday Cult cast a spell leading to the Great Earthquake at the Tranquil Path. Afterward, an ancient mausoleum was uncovered. Powerful energy was emanating from it. After investigation, it was discovered that the energy was being emitted by a mysterious stone in the main chamber. Many plunderers began venturing to the Grave of Kings to seize it for themselves.

Lia Rolan

The Rolans are a family of tomb robbers. Over the generations they have amassed a trove of ancient artifacts. When the family patriarch Quentine Rolan disappeared five years ago, the family's influence began to decline. Quentine's only daughter Lia took over his duties. Being a woman in a society that looks down on them, many didn't take her seriously. She has put all her hopes on taking the Grave of Kings in order to make a name for herself.

Skill Effect
Gun Dance Deals damage to all players nearby and knocks them back several times.
Burn with Jealousy Changes target according to players' attached states.
Broken Armor Mine Lia throws some Broken Armor Mines. The mines cannot move and explode when any player moves into range. -These mines attach Broken Armor debuff, which decreases Armor and Magic Resist and can be stacked indefinitely.
Posture of Victory Attaches 1 stack of Find Weakness for each attack. -Find Weakness increases damage
Paean of Life Lia stuns all enemies and deals massive damage to a random player, knocking them back.

Arthur Rockefeller

The Rockefellers are a famous aristocratic family of the Yutonian Kingdom. Though forced to migrate to a barren place, their aristocratic state was unchanged thanks to the only heir, Arthur Rockefeller. Unsatisfied with the weakness of the kingdom and the family, he left the home and formed his own Mercenary Group. He recruited many treasure-hunting desperadoes.

Skill Effect
Eight Movements Arthur waves his giant axe eight times in all directions. Each slash deals damage to enemies nearby.
Bloodfiend Axe Arthur throws the axe into the air, jumps to grasp it and pounds on the ground to deal damage to enemies.
Surge Power Arthur gains Rockefeller's Glory -Rockefeller's Glory increases Arthur's combat ability for some time.
Interrogation Poison Arthur gains Interrogation Poison -Interrogation Poison attaches Arthur's attacks with Great Poison.
Mercenary's Creed Arthur summons some mercenaries to beat the target together.

Agus Cridella

When Agus managed to enter the aristocracy, he was dispatched to a bleak frontier town. There, he heard rumors of the Grave of Kings. Intent upon stealing the great stone within, he plans to offer it to Lord Amalrund to gain the chancing of returning to the aristocratic world.

Skill Effect
Cridella's Curse Agus curses two random players in battle. The selected players gain either Cold Blood or Warm Blood. -Warm Blood increases damage and drains HP continuously. When the player stays away from other players with Cold Blood, he will not lose HP. -Cold Blood increases defense and drains HP continuously. When the player keeps far away from other players with Warm Blood, he/she will not lose HP.
Summon Puppet Bone and Blood Puppet - In melee attacks, Bone and Blood Puppet attacks players with Warm Blood first and is immune to Taunt.
Whirl Blast Pulls players in battle to Agus. Players can move to the opposite direction to keep away from Agus. If the player fails to keep a safe distance away from Agus, Agus's magic energy will be triggered. It deals massive damage to all players and recovers Agus's HP. If every player keeps a safe distance away from him for some time, the skill will be cancelled.
Shadow Crystal Agus summons a Shadow Crystal. The crystal explodes after 8 seconds, dealing massive damage to players nearby and silences them for 4 seconds. During this period, if a certain player approaches him, he/she will be possessed by Agus temporarily. Shadow Penetrates the Body - Shadow energy penetrates the body, dealing massive magic damage to yourself and massive Shadow Damage to players nearby, lasting 10 seconds.

Corrine Basaca

Corrine made a bet with the barkeep in his local tavern that if he successfully robbed the Grave of Kings, he'd get free Dwarven ale for a month. Look out for this one - he's motivated.

Skill Effect
Wild Side Corrine transforms into a bear to attack enemies
Nature's Power Corrine summons thunder clouds and deals damage to players below them. The players hit by the thunder get debuffed with Discharge.
Exhausted Wildness After Wild Side wears off, Corrine will get Exhausted Wildness. Exhausted Wildness reduces Armor and Magic Resist. Corrine cannot attack or cast magic.
Natural Healing Corrine recovers his own HP per second.

Stone Spirit Sleeper

To everyone's surprise, the Sacred Stone is a part of the ancient Stone Spirit. People have to defeat it to have a chance at obtaining it.

Skill Effect
Rock Spirit Collision Deals massive damage to each affected player and knocks them back. Stone Spirit's Breath remains in Stone Spirit's wake.
Barrier Wave When Stone Spirit casts Barrier Wave, it cannot move and inflicts Barrier Shackle on all players in battle. Barrier Shackle - Reduces movement speed and inflicts damage every second, can be stacked
Broken Spirit Shot Throws stone fragments, each fragment dealing damage to players nearby. Creates a massive energy ball, throwing it at the ground and dealing massive damage to the players in a large range
Multiple Polarization Corrine makes use of Natural Power to recover his own HP per second.
Stone Storm Creates a terrible windstorm. During this period, players will take take continuous damage

New 10-person Instance: Vagrad

Though Neuer was defeated and prevented from summoning Barbatos by players in the Throat of the Sky, he abandoned his rundown husk and affixed his soul to Kalisa. He was going to implement his standby plan: Summon Barbatos's Legion! Bewitched by Kalisa, some of the Source's elites united with Doomsday. They used the latest technology to occupy and transform the floating city named Vagrad, which is located above Theodia. In Dwarven language, Vagrad means temple of the gods. As soon as the Source arrived at there, they were shocked by the beauty they saw, hence its name. This place used to be the palace of the Ancient Kingdom of Obierne, surrounded by many ancient guardians. After the occupation of Doomsday and Source, they turned the guardians into their own soldiers with black magic. Kalisa stayed in the depths of the palace and continued her evil plan of summoning Barbatos's Legion...

Soul Guardian Salim

Soul Guardian Salim is the guardian of Yassa. It is sleeping in the temple at Thunderclap Isle. Doomsday and the Source both took a roundabout path to avoid it, afraid of its terrible power. Today, we have no choice but to face this guardian. Only by defeating it can we enter Vagrad and put a halt to the Doomsday Cult's machinations.

Skills Effect
Stage One
Lightning Law Attaches lightning pole to all players
Energy Leak Tramples the ground violently, casting lightning to players nearby. Players affected will slow down and become vulnerable.
Shelter Deals continuous damage to nearby players. Five random players will receive continuous lightning damage.
Exceptional Shell Blocks all spell damage. The shell will be broken having taken a certain amount of damage
Stage Two
Electromagnetic Ball Summons one Electromagnetic Ball with positive pole and one with negative pole in the hall. The balls will explode after some time, attaching positive or negative effects to players. Every time the ball with positive or negative pole is killed, boss will be granted a stack of positive or negative buffs
Charge Collide Once the pole buff is more than one stack, boss will summon a charge, which will deal damage to players and grant debuffs
Rage After a certain amount of time, boss becomes frenzied

Izega Cook and his children

The senior machine developer of the Source, Izega Cook, created a bunch of metal minions with manic temper and the ability to destroy people. Izega is looking forward to a real battle to test their new abilities.

Skills Effect
Skills of the first robot: Mimi Cook X
Heart of Flame (Passive) Any of Mimi Cook's attack, skill and flame damage in the area will add one stack of Heart of Flame to the target upon hit. The status will decrease target's fire resistance
Proton Bomb Mimi Cook will randomly throw Proton Bombs. The bomb will stick to the ground and explode when attacked.
Skills of the second robot: Mimi Cook Y (include all skills of X)
Flame Trample Tramples the ground, causing the nearby lava to erupt, dealing huge amounts of damage and debuffing the target
Summon Guardian Summons two Iron Cliffs Heads nearby randomly.
Skills of the second robot: Mimi Cook Z (include all skills of X and Y)
Boiling Catalysis Mimi Cook injects a special catalyst into the lava under the platform. The whole lava area will be catalyzed, erupting in flames
The skill that Izega Cook will cast when Mimi Cook X is destroyed
X-3 Reagent Izega Cook will restore health when he separates from the destroyed armor.
The added skill that Izega Cook will have when Mimi Cook Y is destroyed
Y-2 Reagent Izega Cook will attack players when he separates from the destroyed armor. Izega Cook will choose multiple players randomly and throw reagent at them, dealing debuffs to them
The added skill that Izega Cook will have when Mimi Cook Z is destroyed
Z-9 Elementium Blackbody All the carriers of Izega Cook have been destroyed by players. He has to take out his trump card. He will try to move to the center of the area and detonate the Elementium Blackbody


After the disaster that destroyed the temple at the Isle of Tranquility, Kerzima, the defensive system which used to protect Vagrad also shut down. If we can pass by it, we will be able to siege Doomsday in Vagrad.

Skills Effect
Stage One: Metal
Metal Defense Grants a stack of Metal Defense. -Metal Defense: Reflects a certain amount of damage
Air Support Summons a Pilot Sentinel. Pilot Sentinel will grant a stack of support to boss. -Support: Percentage damage reduction
Stage Two: Ice
Ice Defense Grants a stack of Ice Defense -Ice Defense: Any target that tries to move will be frozen!
Stage Three: Flame
Summon Flame Egg Summons flame eggs nearby the players. The flame eggs will explode at the same time.
Flame Egg Anyone who enters the trigger range of flame egg will detonate it, receiving damage and getting knocked into the air!
Stage Four: Nature
Natural Defense Grants a stack of Natural Defense -Nature Defense: Casts Nature Invasion on nearby enemies. -Nature Invasion: Regenerates health.
Stage Five: Shadow
Shadow Defense Grants a stack of Shadow Defense -Shadow Defense: Casts Shadow Invasion on nearby enemies -Shadow Invasion: Reduces target's armor!

Doomsday High Priest Asavid Zoran

Doomsday High Priest Asavid Zoran has garrisoned Isle of Life. He seems to be very interested in the amazing tree on the isle. He is fascinated by the energy inside it and has built a base to absorb the energy

Skills Effect
Stage One
Parasitism Casts Corruption over an area
Mana Parclose Grants a shield which absorbs damage and blocks 70% of spell attack. Casts Magic Drain to all magic classes if the shield still exists. -Magic Drain: Burns the mana of the target and make him lose the ability to regenerate mana until Mana Parclose disappears
Hurricane Gravitation Drags nearby players to itself every 30 seconds. -Drag: Targets cannot turn around, move. It also silences the target. -Reduces movement speed by 30%.
Light of Life When the health of the boss is below a certain amount, Light of Life appears in the battlefield
Stage Two: Interior Battle health below 75%
Summon Spiked Cirrus Boss creates a certain amount of spiked cirrus.
Spiked Assault Boss casts Spiked Assault to nearby targets, dealing AOE damage
Corrupt Smell Every time a corrupt flower is created, the boss will be granted a stack of Corrupt Smell.
Spore A plant that can purify Corrupt Smell
Summon Erosion Beast Summons two Erosion Beasts in the area after the Spore is born
Stage Three
Rage, Parasitism Casts Corruption nearby once a while

Sacrifice Kalisa

Kalisa, the possessed matriarch of the Doomsday Cult, has summoned many demons. Her powers are comparatively weak, however, and she is unable to rein the demons in. Over time, these demons have managed to fuse themselves with Kalisa's spirit, rendering her a horrible abomination with powers unknown...
Skills: Unknown - those who witness the magnificent power never live to tell the tale