[Official] Closed Beta Goes Live!

May 15th is a day that shall live in infamy! Ok, maybe an exaggeration, but we the good people at Snail Games are ecstatic to announce that our Closed Beta Test is about to begin!



The test begins today, May 15th at 2pm Pacific time (find out when that is for you!) The North American CBT will last two weeks, ending on May 28th, during which time we’ll be working with our wonderful testers to refine and polish our exciting new virtual world!


[Important Improvements]


We’ve been hard at work since the Alpha test, scouring the reports from our Alpha testers and making the necessary adjustments. We’ve made some huge steps forward, as well as countless small tweaks to the game. We look forward to revealing the new face of BGO to the world!


Enter a rich world with Black Gold Online's redone graphics!


In the Close Beta, players will be able to explore even more of Montel, play as a larger variety of classes, and try out some updated game features. To help our Alpha testers discover what’s new, and of course for all newcomers to get caught up, we’ve updated the Game Features section of our website. Find out more about all the fun in BGO HERE.


[Third Party Login]


During the Closed Beta Test, fans will be able to login with a Snail Games account, or using a Third Party Login such as Facebook or Google+. For those wishing to use a TPL, you will still need to activate that account.


Don’t have a key yet? Check out some of our key giveaway promotions. It’s not too late! KEYS AWAIT.


[Beta Events]


If you’re excited to provide valuable feedback, you may wet yourself with this one: we’ll be running some awesome activities in game, and we’ll be offering some glorious prizes for those who participate. Want to tell us about bugs? Want to make a suggestion? Want to explore uncharted lands? We’ve got a prize for that!

Learn about EVENTS right this second!


Enter the amazing world of Black Gold Online now! Join in the Closed Beta Test, and we'll see you there.