[Official] Beta Announcement


Cry “Havoc” Warriors of Montel!

The team at Black Gold Online is excited to announce the date of our Closed Beta Testing!The time has finally come to sound the drums and let loose the hounds. Gather your weapons, harness your beasts, load your guns and oil your gears. 


Closed Beta will begin Thursday, May 15th at 2pm PDT (when's that for you?) The Beta features a newer version of Black Gold Online, with some notable improvements. Thanks to feedback from our testers in the Alpha Test Drive earlier this year, we have made some important changes to improve the game. The game boasts new rich environments and radically improved User Interface. Enjoy a new and improved Personal Carrier system, battleground maps and matching systems have also seen some major changes.


The CBT will draw on a larger pool of players than the previous Alpha, and applications are now open! We’d like to give players the chance to explore the vast world and try out all the great features of Black Gold Online. Register your account by clicking the link below, and click "Sign Up" to begin.


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Want to Paticipate in the Beta? Sign up HERE!


Once your account is created, you'll receive an email to verify. Before the Closed Beta begins, you'll receive another email with your key for the test. Take your key to our site and click "Redeem Code" to register your key. Once your account is activated, you can download the client from your account. Both Mac and PC clients are available. We recommend using a download manager to help with the process.


The CBT will be open to all those who participated in the Alpha Test Drive. Anyone with a working activated account will be able to enter.


More news on what to expect in the next month soon to come as we ramp up for the Beta Test of Black Gold Online!