[Official] Great Changes to Come

The team at Black Gold Online is proud to announce that after a successful Alpha test, we will be releasing a newer, smoother, updated version of Black Gold Online for Closed Beta testing soon to come.


What to Expect


Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online, tells a bit about what to expect:

"With the completion of the Alpha Test from March 20th-31st, we received a considerable volume of feedback: some lauding, some critical, but most importantly a lot of useful ideas and suggestions for upgrades to the game. We wanted to thank our community of fans by offering a little peek at what they can expect in the Closed Beta test coming soon."



The art teams at BGO have been hard at work refining and refurbishing the visual experience that players will encounter as they enter the land of Montel. The new looks we’re including in the game will aim to reinforce the core art concept of Black Gold Online: the mixing of industrial expansionism in a harsh, forbidding environment with the tribal and transcultural diversity of naturalism and magical fantasy.


Improved graphics and new maps await!


Redone maps and landscapes create a more vivid world and exciting gamer experience and the updated environment will offer a more fulfilling sense of exploration. Improved texturing is being implemented alongside smoother and more natural animations to create a deeper and more immersive experience for our gamers.

In particular, our environment art designers are doing a lot of work on the Kingdom of Isenhorst, in response to player feedback. More vivid landscapes, added texturing and vegetation and an overall more appealing feel are being implemented to match the stunning scenery of Erlandir, while keeping to the distinctly Steam punk themes of the western alignment.


User Interface

Improvements to the BGO User Interface have already been in development, and strides are being taken to address some of the issues players recently encountered in the test. The new UI is cleaner, more customizable and less obtrusive than in earlier versions, allowing players a freer view of the world around them while creating easy and convenient access to the various game windows. The game controls system have undergone a series of improvements, in particular the popularly used Crosshairs Mode, to create a more seamless and intuitive playing experience.


Game Features

Black Gold Online is making some improvements to expand and reinforce the core game play, with a major focus on increasing the fluidity and pace of our action-oriented combat system. Adjustments to the collision detection and combat animations are already underway, with the aim to reinforce dodging, moving, and attacking for a more intense fighting style of play. Targeting and spell casting are also seeing an overhaul, offering greater control and flexibility for ranged DPS and support play.


A major change already underway is a revamped Quest-line, featuring a richer storyline that reflects the background and lore of Black Gold Online. An important addition is an optional tutorial phase, along with fuller explanations throughout the different game components including equipment, Military Battlefields, and Adventures to name a few.


Open world PvE is receiving a lot of attention as we rework and add-on to some of the core features. NPC respawn times and loot drops will both receive major improvements in response to user feedback. The world boss Outbreaks are also being expanded, with a higher frequency and more diverse objectives. As a hint of what’s to come, imagine defending strategic points against invading hordes, harvesting world resources for special loot, and much more as we update the Outbreak feature.


Look for improved loot drops and mob respawns for a better Open World experience


Our dungeon-like Chambers of Greed have also been getting some upgrades, with newer and fiercer monsters guarding valuable treasure and dropping even better loot. The CoG maps and atmosphere are being adjusted, with larger tunnels to explore and more opportunities for fighting other players. The combination of exploration, PvE and greedy loot-crazed PvP will be reinforced through some important tweaks and fixes.


With these updates, among others up our sleeves (world drop treasure maps, secret landmarks, etc.), the core game play features of BGO will be broader, deeper, and generally more enjoyable.


Battlefields and Vehicles

Setting Black Gold Online apart from other MMOs, the Battle Vehicle and War Beasts system will be receiving some important adjustments to offer greater personalization and customization, while improving the nature of the mounted PvP and reinforcing the core teamwork concept of the Military Battlefields and Energy Well battles.


Vehicular combat will see some awesome improvements


The personal vehicle feature will include a new form of upgrading, allowing players to incrementally up their armor and attack in between models. The customization branches have also been expanded with newer and unique abilities, with two extra levels of high level vehicles and beasts. Open world vehicle and beast mechanics have also been adjusted, with improved UI options to make for a more integrated use of vehicles throughout the game.


The strengths and abilities of each class of vehicle will be adjusted so as to ensure the core concept of vehicular combat: that no single vehicle type will dominate, with a Rock-Paper-Scissors configuration making each type vulnerable and formidable against others. These changes will reinforce the role of teamwork and balance in battlefield situations.


The Military Battlefield is also pegged to undergo some important aesthetic and structural changes. The layout of the Blood Fang Citadel map will be adjusted, with new dispositions of battlefield resources and altered terrain to create new challenges for armies as they battle for control at the top of the mountain.



An important update to the latest version of Black Gold Online will be the inclusion of 4 new playable classes, two for Steam and Fantasy alignments each. These new classes will offer players more choices in play style, along with improved and updated versions of the original 8 classes in the Alpha. With different specialties, each class offers a unique gaming experience with special strengths, weaknesses, and abilities.



Gunslinger– a gun-wielding long-range DPS class with awesome munitions variability

Thaumaturge– a summoner of demonic constructs, enlisting nether beings to their aid on the battlefield



Skycaller– a wind and water elemental mage with powerful crowd control and fast, ranged attack

Beastmaster– a battle-axe wielding warrior with the power to summon the forces of nature to his or her side.


These and other changes to come will be available to experience in the Closed Beta Test in the near future. As we move forward towards the Test Date, more news and updates on the test and other game features will be made available, so stay tuned!