[New Class] Gunslinger

Gunslinger - The Deadshot

For as long as there have been firearms, there have been Gunslingers. Never missing a beat in the latest from the military research labs, Gunslingers are experts in powdered projectiles big and small. Their shots ring true, landing deadly accurate firepower from far away. Don’t even bother to run, you’ll be dead before you see them.


【Available Races】Buvont, Lokemean

【Role Specialization】Long-range attack, Support, Range DPS

【Weapon of Choice】Long Rifle

【Armor Proficiency】Medium Mail Armor

【Class Trait】No one escapes the primed barrel of the Gunslinger’s weapon. With a powerful ranged attack, combining area of effect with single-target shots, the Gunslinger is a nimble and accurate ranged DPS, mowing down enemies from afar as a ranged DPS and support player.


Special Moves

Ultra-loaded Barrel: mark a target for destruction and open fire, unleashing a stream of deadly deadly projectiles causing heavy damage on a single target


Free-gun Spirit: get riled up and ready for a gun fight, temporarily increasing speed, attack, max health, and causing extra effect damage on enemies during the duration of the ability


High Explosive Bomb: launch a powerful explosive at a targeted area on the ground, causing critical damage and slowing down enemies for a brief period.



The earliest artisans of wielding firearms were the Sterling clan, known throughout the sandy plateaus of Northern Isenhorst for their endless research and restless pursuit of the perfect gun. Few dared cross the wily old Russell Sterling, a man of cool temper but fast hands, though it was his daughter Chocina who was remembered by posterity.


As a woman, Chocina was afforded few luxuries in the wild days of the early Buvont dynasty, and she learned young from those around that a person had to know how to defend themselves to survive. Chocina was never a fan of blades, she felt them too messy. It was the alluring scent of burnt powder and smoking barrel that drew her attention. Growing up among the quick draw drifters that found their way through town, Chocina knew her away around every caliber bullet, every variety of pistol and long-rifle, and she found new ways to integrate technology into her weapons to great effect.


The great Isenhorst Civil War came and went, and the Buvont family established their dynasty over the Kingdom of Isenhorst, much to the chagrin of their rivals, forced underground in their defeat. The Buvont knew their enemies still fomented ill-will, and knew something must be done. The king called upon the Sterlings for help, to which Russell submitted his daughter, the sharpest shot in all of Isenhorst. Armed to the teeth, Chocina began the infamous Smoky Clean-up of the Isenhorst underworld.


Although young, Chocina made quick work of the thugs and ne’er-do-wells speaking ill of the king. Combining unheard of tactics with unmatched firepower, she unleashed a firestorm trail across Isenhorst, and left a formidable body count in her wake. With the reactionaries dealt with, the Sterling family earned the title of Duke, and Chocina was honored in the halls of the heroes in Cadia.


From Chocina’s revolutionary integrated battle tactics and specialized weaponry designs, the profession of Gunslinger came to be. Anyone who thinks they’re slick enough can certainly pick up a pistol, but it takes a real passion and wit to become a true Gunslinger.