[New Class] Skycaller

Skycaller- Herald of Storms


Arcing high above the realm of the living, the sky sees all, knows all, embraces all. The ancient wisdom hidden among the heavens opens up to the few fortuitous enough to harness its awesome energy. These are the Skycallers.


The Skycaller breathes in the heavens and channels the forces into a deep and restorative power. Wielding the elemental forces of air and water, the Skycaller offers protective spells, regeneration, and other valuable magical enhancements to their allies. At the Skycaller’s hands are the forces of the wind and storm, posing a fluid and intangible threat to their enemies. As a class, they are capable of high-level single-target crowd control abilities plus excellent support capabilities, casting long range area attacks with light damage but crippling effects.


【Available Races】Kosh, Yutonian

【Role Specialization】Ranged DPS, Team Support, Controller

【Weapon of Choice】Casting Staff, Magic Scepter, Enchanted Vials

【Armor Proficiency】Light armor

【Class Trait】The Skycaller has balanced attack and defense, but with light armor they can’t last long in close quarters combat. Their strength lies in long-ranged area casting, damage dealing, team support, along with single-target crowd control buffs.



Special Moves:


Cruel Gale: from the vengeful heart of the storm, the Skycaller channels a turbulent spirit, transforming briefly into a high speed cyclone, causing damage and speed reduction effect on nearby enemies.


Frigid Snare: capturing a powerful blizzard, the Skycaller becomes encased in a protective cocoon of ice, preventing all damage. When the ice shatters, all nearby enemies become frozen in place.


Glacial Rift: frozen air hangs softly over the cooling bodies of the Skycaller’s enemies. Skycaller selects a piece of ground, summoning an icy mountain to crash upon it and crushing enemies in its wake, causing heavy damage and armor debuffs for a period of time.  


The infinite power of the ascending heaven’s smiled upon the early mages of Erlandir. Skycalling is believed to be one of the first forms of magic to appear in the early days of Kosh civilization, and it was the great master of the wind Kajar who, with his disciples of the secrets of the sky, founded The Azure Conclave. As Master Mage of the Kosh Empire, Kajar and his school of Skycallers practiced their arts in the remote seclusion of a distant castle, far from the base struggles and contrivances of the land.


From the years of studious practice, the Azure Conclave documented countless tomes of elemental magic, the most renowned of which were the “Gathering the Air” and the broad work “The Blending of the Elements.” The great elementalist Gwen expanded on these works, penning “A Treatise on Altering the Four Winds,” and through her meditations refined the practice of combining water and air to perform restorative miracles.


The Azure Conclave later become a collection of mages from many disciplines, but the Kosh reverence for the Sun and the sky left the Skycaller mages a highly respected role in the order. As the forces of Erlandir rally to protect the realm of magic, the Skycallers will be called on to summon the protection and unrelenting power of air and wind.