[Official] First Alpha Keys Released


From the land of enchanted sorcery and mechanical craftsmanship, the team at Black Gold Online has issued the first batch of test keys for the upcoming Alpha Test Drive to begin later in March.

The BGO team has been inundated by requests from fans of Steampunk and fantasy, all hoping for a chance at an Alpha key for the initial phase of closed testing. This week, the first round of lucky candidates has received their test keys. On activation, test keys will grant players access to the Black Gold Online game client. Game servers will go live at 2 PM PDT, Thursday March 20th (What is that in your time zone?).

Gaming enthusiasts who haven’t been selected should not lose faith, as there are still keys available. An Alpha Test Opt-in Survey is available for those interested, and Alpha testers will be selected from the pool of applicants based on their responses.

      Key recipients activate HERE: http://bg.snailgame.com/activation
      Account Registration: http://bg.snailgame.com/account/signup/
      Alpha Opt-In Survey : http://bg.snailgame.com/QuestionSurveys/


The Alpha test will use a version of Black Gold Online still in development. We’re looking for players with experience and a passion for gaming to help explore, test, and debug the various game play features in order to create a seamless role-playing and adventure experience. Test key recipients are encouraged to push the game’s limits, and provide constructive feedback on how to improve the game.


Remember that the contents of this test are confidential and that to participate, you must accept our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). We highly encourage that players do not post videos, pictures, game details, etc. unless approved. There will be in-game GMs and official forums for sharing and discussion.

The team at Black Gold Online would like to thank our community of fans for their support as we get ready for the Alpha test of what we believe will be the one of hottest games to come out this year. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit for news and updates on further key giveaways and content releases.