[New Class] The Conjurer

Conjurer - The Necrotic Manipulator


The Conjurers draw their power from beyond the grave, using enigmatic sorcery and steam technology to cast powerful spirit spells. Weavers of forbidden curses and inheritors of a shadowy realm, these unorthodox sorcerers fuse steam tech with powers of dark magic.  Formed under the auspices of a unified Isenhorst research division, the Conjurers were quickly incorporated into military professions.


Dwelling in a world of technology, the Conjurers dabble with powers of magic. Their sinister laboratories mix circuits and spells to reanimate cadavers and summon shadowy forces. Forbidden curses come forth at the hands of the Conjurer, reaping destruction and pestilence in its wake. They are an excellent long-range mage class with continuous casts and flexible tactical moves. Conjurers are well-suited to commanding positions and strategic management.


【Available Races】Buvont, Lokemean

【Role Specialization】Ranged DPS, Crowd control

【Weapon of Choice】Staff, One-handed Scepter, Magic Bottle

【Armor Proficiency】Medium – Leather with light mail

【Class Trait】Conjurers have long range and high DPS casting, but cannot sustain prolonged fights alone. With lighter defense and health, they are susceptible to being physically overwhelmed. Ideally put in support position and crowd-controlling, taking advantage of their long range.


Signature Moves


Stricken Soul: The Conjurer’s incantations rip the very soul away from their adversary. Ranged casting of effective area, causes triple repeated DPS.


Spectral Unleashing: From its ancient prison the Conjurer releases a frightful demon, thrashing at nearby enemies three times, each time stunning them and lifting them into the air. Short range DPS with repeated damage.


Swarming Spirits: The Conjurer summons a wave of the departed to rip into their adversaries. Conjurer wields this force causing damage and stunning all enemies within a 5 yrd radius.


It is not well known when the practice of summoning power through incantation first began. Conjuring had existed for untold ages in Erlandir, going largely unnoticed by the Blue Robes Covenant. There came a time, however, when the rulers of magic realized the destructive and evil potential that conjuring posed, especially in the hands of the humans, and banned its practice as witchcraft. Those humans refusing to give up the use of conjuring fled Erlandir, and like many others found refuge in the land of Isenhorst.