[Official] Alpha Date Announcement

A Call to the Brave and Cunning,

Heroes of Montel, be Prepared for War!


The BGO team at Snail Games is delighted to announce the release of our preliminary “Alpha Test Drive” of Black Gold Online on March 20th.


The game servers will go live at 2pm Pacific Time on Thursday, March 20th. For those who have already received keys from E3 Convention 2013 and our Facebook giveaways, your keys will allow you to activate your account and access the game. The Game Client will be available for download shortly, please stay tuned for official announcement!


We’re looking for experienced players who can provide workable feedback, so register for an account and fill out our Opt-In survey for a chance at Alpha Access ! 


If you already have a Key, please activate HERE: http://bg.snailgame.com/activation

 Account Registration: http://bg.snailgame.com/account/signup/

Fill the Alpha Opt-In Survey HERE : http://bg.snailgame.com/QuestionSurveys/




Black Gold Online is still in development, and the test will use an earlier Alpha version of the game. There will be some limitations, and of course the occasional bugs, so we need the help of gamers to explore the game and provide constructive feedback for improvements. The early stage of the Alpha Test Drive will be by invitation only to ensure the most effective results for growing gamer engagement and experience.


The Alpha will include 8 playable classes from 4 of the races; half from the Steam alignment of Isenhorst and half from the Fantasy side Erlandir. Players can explore the various game functions, including questing, Faction vs. Faction battlegrounds, and open world PvP. It will also include crafting, vehicle construction, and instance dungeons.


We at Black Gold Online would like to thank all the fans for their support as we get ready to move forward with testing on what we believe will be an amazing MMO built on a strong community.


From the BGO team, thank you and good gaming!