[Official] Alpha and BGO Super Fan

As fans of Steampunk and mystical fantasy gird themselves for the upcoming Black Gold Online Test Drive, it’s prudent to take a moment to thank those very fans. The fans who have waited patiently, excitedly spreading the hype about what is sure to be an awesome game.



Black Gold Online brings a lot of classic favorites into this AMMO, as a well few surprises to keep players on their toes. The game boasts a massive playable world filled with amazing imagery of magical naturalism and bleak industrialism, with high-paced and engaging gameplay.


And what type of person would be interested in such a game, you might ask. Well you may be surprised to know that one of our top players is none other than punk princess Avril Lavigne!


Punk Princess Avril Lavigne: Black Gold Online Super Fan


Miss Lavigne is a fan of Black Gold Onlie's artistic styles, mixing different themes into a seamless production. She took a few fan pics to complement the work of the BGO art team, showing that she’s a Steampunk rocker too. Check these links for a shoutout for Avril Lavigne:





Black Gold Online is currently in Beta testing in China, and will be releasing an exclusive Invitation Test Drive in Late March for top gamers in North America to help grow and improve the game.



The Test Drive will be using an earlier Alpha Stage Version, and we need the help of you, the fans. We're looking for testers to actively support development of Black Gold Online, providing feedback regarding game design, functions and producing constructive comments and criticism.


 To get in on the first look at this amazing world and help build an awesome game, register for Alpha Access Opt-in!