[New Class] Occultists

Occultist - The Dark Mender


Formidable sorceresses who practice dark magic, Occultists are a powerful mender class that specializes in continuous restoration. Playable only as females.


Occultists are strongest in a healing and support role.


【Available Races】Buvont, Lokemean

【Role Specialization】Support healer, ranged DPS

【Weapon of Choice】Staves, Enchanted Dagger

【Armor Proficiency】Medium (Leather) Armor

【Class Trait】Occultists are lightly armored with a low resilience to damage. Their strength comes from fortifying and restoring players around them. Their spells and potions provide group health and stamina replenishment to nearby allies with short cool-downs for continuous support. Occultists have mid-range defensive abilities that sap and stun their opponents.

Signature Moves:


Tainted Blood: Occultist saps the blood from enemies within cast area, causing damage and revitalizing self. The enemy’s blood is then bewitched and shot forward, leaving opponents in front magically hampered.


Dark Angel: A dark angel is summoned to the aid of the Occultist. Reduces damage born by Occultist for a time while providing momentary health recovery to a nearby ally.


Brilliant Spirit: The Occultist recites dark incantations to summon a revitalizing light. Health recovery for allies within 10 yrd radius plus 50% reduction in damage born for 5 seconds.


For as long as there has been magic, there have been those who delved into its darker secrets.  The mastery of these rituals took a gentleness and care ill-suited to the rough men of Erlandir, and with time the practice of potion-making and spirit mending fell solely to the women. The whispers of these temptations rang like sirens in the ears of the early Yutonians – promises of elixirs, strength, and ever-lasting life. But the great mages of the Kosh deemed these practices a dangerous affront to the Sun God, and during the Kosh Empire, the Violet Conclave forbade the practice of alchemy and the occult.


Heedless of this proclamation, those tempted by the allure of magical rejuvenation practiced their dark magic in secret. Hidden from seeing eyes, the first great Occultist Kaileya glided through the land, uniting the magical maidens of Yuton into a sisterhood of the first Grand Coven. Kaileya spread works of ancient dark wisdom throughout the covens, practicing their arts to heal and restore those who were willing to pay the price. The Kosh discovered this, and in their fury cast the Occultists from the land. Kaileya and her sisterhood had no choice but to cross the Ellescadia Mountains, and settle in Isenhorst. In the land of dwarves and steam, the Occultists offered their healing touch and knowledge of dark arts in exchange for one thing: a chance at revenge.