[Official] China Beta2 Kick Off

Snail Games blasts off the second round of exclusive, by invitation only [Black Gold Online] beta testing program in China, December 5th, 2013.

“We aim at giving our eager players an opportunity to experience core PvE and PvP game-play”- Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online.

After months of development and optimization, Snail Games now offer players a clear picture of the game and its anticipated features. The version establishes a firm footing and signals the imminent arrival of the first test drive for our North American players, due Q1 2014.


Let’s explore the features revealed in this exclusive beta testing:


Revamped character creation system where players can select one of the 8 classes available, complete with role competency:

Participants can level their characters through the main quest-line (with a level cap of 40), the starting areas are optimized to provide players a smooth transition into their faction roles. Four original races are available in this beta testing round:

Lokemean Dwarves (Isenhorst)

Kosh (Erlandir) 

Yuton Humans (Erlandir) 

Buvont Humans (Isenhorst)


“The Crimson Peaks” battleground – PvP on a massive scale: opposing faction fight for node control. Two types of vehicle are showcased in this version: the Assault type which is faster and deals higher damage to players, and the Siege type which bolts long-range cannon to destroy enemy vehicles.

Assault Arrow Mark I(Left)and Black Widow Mark I (Right)

Stay tuned for official announcements on the upcoming NA Test Drive news. Meanwhile, please check our social networks and continue your vital supports!