[Game Feature] Chambers of Greed

In this newest episode of [Black Gold Online] Feature Unveil, we explore an original game-play component: The Chambers of Greed.

In addition to the main quest-line and normal dungeons, these greed pockets are challenging side activities where players can acquire gear by slaying higher level monsters and completing other tasks within.

For any fantasy-themed MMORPG, the importance of main quest-line cannot be overstated. With repeated PVE cycle, there is a risk of fatigue and players losing interest altogether. This being the case, the game’s major features may fall by the wayside. Black Gold’s development team has created a slew of gorgeous instance chambers, a perfect blend of PvE and PvP that players will love.

Unlike the vast over-world, the level design of these chambers is aimed to provide a dark, mysterious ambience for players to tread through. Make every step count, for danger lurks in every corner: expect lethal traps, elite monsters and trapdoors.

This unique feature offer players an exciting new way to explore the unknown, adventure through trap ridden mazes and underground chambers in search of rare treasure. In essence, the chambers are Free-For-All instanced areas:

The entrances will generally be hidden, and entry requires triggering some element such as approaching it or slaying a gatekeeper.

Chambers of Greed are more challenging than quests of the same level, so a balanced team is needed if you wish to plunder the treasures for yourself.

For additional excitement, we implemented a PvP aspect where members of opposing faction can enter the same instance for open PvP. To complicate matters further, there can be more than one team from the same faction, may the odds be in your favor.

Bountiful rewards await the teams that come on top: Set armor & weapons, rare pets, accessories and corresponding achievements. Build your perfect team, explore and dominate!