The Burning Hand - Pyromancers

The Burning Hand - Pyromancers 

Pyromancers are blessed under the Radiant Sun, ascending to the perfect conduit for the burning power of fire. Trained since birth, Pyromancers are well versed in arts of flame-weaving techniques. The volatile element is extremely difficult to control, and attempts to do so often result in charring injury or disaster. An elder of the ancient Azure Conclave, Zanfirr was the first mage to wield fire effectively. The Conclave built a temple of fire to delve deeper into the arts of pyromancy, thus creating the foundation for generations of fire-seekers to come.

Even though fire is regarded as the most impulsive and dangerous element; in the eyes of the Kosh fire represents the wings of heroism, passion and zeal. It is seen as the force burning inside of their souls, bestowing absolution through the channeling of eternal fire.

The dreaded Pyromancers wield bursts of searing elemental damage that burn through waves of enemies. But with their relatively long casting times, allies must ensure that Pyromancers are not interrupted as they perform their ritual hexes.

【Available Races】Kosh, Yutonian Human

【Role Specialization】DPS - Ranged

【Weapon of Choice】Staff, Wands, Magic Vials

【Armor Proficiency】Leather (Medium) Armor

【Class Trait】A glass cannon with high DPS and burst, Pyromancer weave devastating area of effect spells that are mana-intensive and require them to be in an uninterrupted trance.