Total PvP Warfare - Battle of Land & Air


Epilogue of War

The Western kingdom’s resources run dry, denizens of steam seek a new source of energy before their barren land withers. In the sharp eyes of the belligerent faction, the Eastern land is ripe for harvest. The start of a campaign for the mysterious energy source will be inevitable, blood will be shed upon the horizons.

The fires of industry burn restless in the forges of Isenhorst. Arms of steel assemble across the forward base while legions of soldier await their call to battle. The alliance of Buvont Humans and Lokemean rule will stop at nothing to claim total dominance over the Black Gold veins.

Over the snowy Ellescadia peaks, the Erlandir elders devised a tactic that seek to shatter the impending march of steel. The Union of Kosh and Yuton Humans will defend their sacred city with hosts of war beast and devastative magic... at all costs necessary.

“As the conflict escalated, the Erlandir Union’s stalwart resistance made for protracted fighting while the Steam faction’s squadrons of flying contraptions made battles all the more complex. In time the Magic faction unleashed formations of dragons to reclaim the skies, but they were no match for the steam kingdom’s war machines that soon dominated the energy wells.”

Vehicular Combat, Evolved

In this video episode, we introduces the defining aspect of Black Gold Online’s PvP system: vehicular combat. Players will obtain vehicles through the main quest and battleground achievements, each complete with advancement path and customization. You’ll be able to take these vehicles for a stroll in the over world to deal with quests, or summon them in the battlegrounds for PvP objectives.

Five machines of war line up in the video, with over 100 specialized mounts total ready to tear up the battlefield. The re-designed system includes Raid, Aerial, Anti-Air, Penetration and Assault types. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, so tactical battle formations are of utmost importance.

Each vehicle plays an important role in large-scale battle. Raid vehicles offer extreme maneuverability and high damage output, making them a foot soldier’s worst nightmare. Pitted against other mobile firepower, the situation changes.

On the other end of the battle mount spectrum, Penetration type vehicles stand tall against any war machine out there. Yet they are not very effective against infantry, and agile fighters can sidle up to their weak points to take them down.

Aircraft, defense turrets and siege vehicles broaden the scope of conflict even further. As every war machine has its strengths and weakness, aspiring warlords\generals should pick and choose carefully.


War is upon us – Who will you fight for? What will you fight for?