Blade of the Unseen - The Assassin

Blade of the Unseen - The Assassin

Merciless, effective agents who lurk in the shadows: stalking and executing their targets with lethal precision. As an essential part of the Isenhorst Espionage Network, the assassins are specially trained in the arts of stealth, unleashing the element of surprise upon their foes.

In the unrest of war, these covert agents engage in infiltration and assassination to cripple the Erlandir supply lines. Although the origin of each assassin may differ from one another, they serve their purpose with unfaltering will.

Assassins excel at slaying single opponents with brutal efficiency, their ability to conceal themselves, paired with their murderous strikes, makes most encounters quick and decisive.

【Available Races】Buvont Humans, Lokemean Dwarves

【Role Specialization】DPS - Melee

【Weapon of Choice】Daggers and Short Blades

【Armor Proficiency】Leather (Medium) Armor

【Class Trait】Proficient in stealth and surprise attacks, Assassins are among the most powerful damage dealers. These agile fighters’ high dodge rating also allows them to fight alongside heavily armored knights. Assassins often catch their victims unaware, dealing bursts of lethal strikes damage before vanishing without a trace.

Signature Moves:

Malicious Venom: Coats the user’s weapon with potent poison, increasing armor penetration for 30 seconds. Each strike under the effect will lower enemy armor and speed by 5%, stacking up to 3 times.

Blade Rush: The assassin swirls forward; slashing everything caught in his path and pushes the target back with momentum.

Ghastly Chains: Throws a grappling chain towards the target, impairing movement for 2 seconds. The skill can be used again to pull the target to the user’s location.

Dance of Shadows: The Assassin vanishes into a formless shadow, slashing all targets back and forth in blinding speed.


“What became known as the Assassin school of combat began when Rathiel set up the Isenhorst Scout Regiment. Rathiel devised myriad methods of undoing his victims and invented Sleeve Swords and other wicked contrivances. His methods formed the bedrock of Assassin’s trade, but it was Runfiller Stylen who brought it to maturity. Stylen studied the art of the silent kill from Rathiel’s tracts soon after the Kingdom was established. It was a time when few practiced it, and when war broke out, he found his skills in high demand. Stylen was dispatched to execute high-ranking targets on the front lines, gaining a reputation as the conflict wore on. By the time one hundred foes had crumpled soundlessly under his daggers, the Royal Family had designs to make him a general. The Assassin did not submit to the prospect of wealth and rank, however; he sought instead to teach his skills to those he deemed worthy.”