Vanguard of Erlandir: Blademaster

The Vanguard of Erlandir - Blademaster

Blademasters are the vanguard of Erlandir forces, charging into combat with their menacing greatswords. These seasoned veterans are armed with strong survival and crowd control abilities.

They are highly adaptable warriors, adroitly switching from offensive to defensive stances in frenetic battles. Although they prefer to engage in melee combat, their training in spiritual magic enables them to absorb weapon essences, strengthening their attacks according to the type of enemy they face.

【Available Races】Yutonian, Kosh

【Combat Specialization】Melee (Tank)        

【Weapon of Choice】Two-handed Swords 

【Armor Proficiency】Heavy Armor          

【Class Trait】Blademasters are able to take a considerable amount of punishment with their high defense and endurance. These ironclad warriors are also naturally agile, dodging lethal attacks at will.


Signature Moves:

Pyrrhic Blade: The Blademaster gains increased attack power by enchanting the weapon with his own blood. Attacks will yield higher damage at the cost of HP per strike.

Blazing Charge: The warrior lunges forward, becoming one with the Greatsword; dealing damage and knocks back everything in his wrecking path.

Unbreakable Resolve: The Blademaster’s body phases into the spiritual realm, reducing all forms of damage by 99% over a period of 7 seconds.

Thundering Howl: A provocative shout that forces all hostile targets to attack the user for 3 seconds: the user will gain a boost in armor under the effect.


Notable Characters:

Katte of the Aureks - The legendary warrior and grandmaster of the Greatsword, the one who created the Blademaster School of combat.   

Rasor the Wild - Current leader, Blademaster trainer.

“The learned believe that the very first Blademaster was the great Katte; the Aurek who hunted beasts that had succumbed to the mutagenic effects of black gold. The swordsman used unconventional techniques to protect himself just as readily as he laid waste to hordes of foul creatures. His movements were fluid and effortless--some might say downright terpsichorean--and they gave rise to an entire school of combat.”