Black Gold Time

The latest details regarding Black Gold Time's direction in the North American version has arrived! Following last week’s reveal on how the new monetization model is positioned to deliver in China, we at Snail Games felt the need to unveil the plan for our American audiences.

To clarify common misconceptions and answer the surge of questions, Black Gold Online’s optional time save system acts as a bonus, completey optional feature to supplement normal game progression. PvE experience and PvP rankings remains unaffected and all levels of equipment and materials(white to epic) can be acquired in game via questing, battegrounds, auction and world drops.

The “Black Gold Time” system adds an additional source of economic catalyst to the equation by replacing the cash shop. The system might seem overwhelming at first look, but Snail is aiming to take free-to-play further with the intent of maximizing player experience.

“The reason we decided not to implement a cash shop is to put our focus on refining the game itself, rather than creating endless cash shop power-ups: instead of purchasing items, we give you the opportunity to gain items that you can use or sell”

 “We want to present the value of time and place initiative in your own hands, let you decide if the time spent is worth paying for. The main idea we want to push through is having players know they can get bonus loot, and have the option to either acquire that or trade it to others. ”

“We’re refining this new system and our top priority is develop a transparent and accepted F2P model for the North American audience.” Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online

Let’s take an in-depth look:


Frequency: Auto saved every hour

The save times in Black Gold Online is built in a different angle: it measures and records your loot index* in an hour and creates a slot. For player convenience, this will be saved automatically every hour. The game is able to store up to a number of saves at any given time. New saves will override the oldest, and follow the logic from there.


Loot Index: Your treasure level

The core idea of “Black Gold Time” is based on a Loot Index, which determines the color of your save time. The loot index is measured by in-game actions you performed in that hour. (completing missions, killing bosses, players or mobs) There will be three levels with escalating chance of acquiring better loot.

Vial of Time and Time Exchange

When you acquire a save slot for free or by purchase, the save itself will materialize into an special item called the “Vial of Time” with it's own inventory space.

The quality for each Vial of Time is determined by the time slot’s color (white, purple, gold)

“We originally designed to offer two free saves per 24 hour period, but the number may increase as we close in on beta and launch dates” Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online.

On top of not having a subscription, the Black Gold Time system gifts every player a number of free saves per day to gain extra loot. You can also list these saves on the Time Exchange, created specifically for trading vials of time for credits.


Choice in players’ hands

With every vial creation, players will have two options on how to deal with their save:

1) Receive for free or pay with credits and loot all the content within

2) Traded on the Time Exchange for credits(normally acquired through real-life currency)

As the industry pioneer with this monetization model, Snail Games aim at pushing the Free-to-Play boundary further, players don’t have to spend anything to enjoy the game to the fullest. All the content is available through normal game progression. For those that want to experience content quicker, the option is always there.


Stay tuned for more reveals and details to come!