Rise of the Buvont

Creating the Buvontian Human


The Buvonts were originally from the Eastern lands of Erlandir. When Hoka and his Black Gold-powered steam machines were eventually banished from the shamanistic society, a group of humans followed him to back to Isenhorst, casting off the old ways of worship to pursue science and technology.

Naturally all-embracing, these human families settled peacefully with the dwarves. The Buvonts are smart, agile and exceptionally adaptive. Although the dwarves were the inventors of steam technology, it was the Buvont humans who militarized and maximized it’s power. The Buvont dynasty is now accepted to be the ruler of all Isenhorst. 

Faction: Isenhorst

Allies: Lokemean Dwarves, Upyrian Vampires

Language: Human, Common Tongue

Available Classes: Inquisitor, Mystic, Tech Adept

Character Traits: Mercurial dreamers with strong sense of curiosity and desire for knowledge.

Physique: Standing between 5’7 and 6’6 with a balanced figure. Dressed in Neo-Victorian Era fashion: Top Hats, Monocles, leather and gold accessories. 


The Founding of the Human Empire

A generation passed, and mistrust grew between the humans and the other races. Only a single human faction, the Buvont Family, maintained relationships with the race that had gone into exile with them; together, they founded a settlement near the Ellescadia region.

Disgusted by the human obsession with short-term profits, the dwarves withdrew from Isenhorst, leaving their territory in the hands of a few powerful families. The Buvont Family, living in self-imposed exile, worked with the Upryians to turn Black Gold into a powerful fuel source.

Deciding that chaos was bad for business, the humans eventually established the Isenhorst Confederation in 1138. The Confederation was a coalition of Craftsman Associations throughout the various settlements, each controlled by a major family.

Before long, the Craftsman Associations began squabbling for resources and power. Two families even dared to attack dwarven territory directly, and were utterly destroyed. The remaining families absorbed the weakened Associations into their own holdings, and there was peace for a time. A very short time.

The petty bickering and backstabbing between the families soon exploded into all-out civil war. In 1144, the Buvont Family established an alliance with Delfradia, and began receiving secret shipments of Black Gold. The family, led by Theodoric Buvont, created a mobile, weaponized castle. This "warcastle" laid waste to the lands of the Buvont Family's enemies, and the Buvont claimed Isenhorst for their own.

And yet, they were not satisfied. The Warcastle advanced on the lands of the dwarves, and the humans' benefactors retreated, losing battle after battle. Eventually, the Buvont Family relented , and offered the dwarves a place within the Isenhorst Confederation…with a catch.

The humans agreed to disarm their Warcastle and allow the dwarves to govern themselves, but the dwarves would henceforth be responsible for arming the Confederation military, and obeying the dictates of the Buvont royal family.