Bloodied Tides Rolls in 11.24!

The next big battle for Montel is about to begin. The Bloodied Tides update is set to launch on November 24th!



The update will feature some important changes to Black Gold Online, as well as some exciting new content drops!


New All-Free Time Vial system – no more cost for acquiring Time Vials

Exciting new 3 vs 3 Team Arena

Increased level cap with all new missions and quests

Two new Races: the Upyrian Vampires and the Aurek Brutes

Special Class: the Brawler

New Aquatic Battle Carriers and Naval Warfare

Underwater dungeons and new maps

Weapon Engraving System


Learn more HERE!


Prepare for the coming storm as the Bloodied Tides roll in to Montel. The update will be available as an automatic update, or can be downloaded ahead of time.