Aurek Brutes

Aurek Brutes – Stalwarts of Nature


The Aurek people developed just a hair beyond the animal companions amongst which they lived. Despite their simplicity, the Aurek developed a rich culture, with a reverence for nature and a distinct initiation rite. The Aurek had to be strong, and each young person – man or woman – was required to undergo a test of fortitude, injecting Black Gold into their bodies and delving into the jungle. Those who survived joined the tribe.


The Aurek had avoided the conflicts of the world for years. Despite close ties to the mighty Kosh, when the drums of war sounded, the Aurek chose to turn inward and forsake their natural brethren. It was only with the ferocity of the fighting and the destruction it reaped that this changed. Now, the Aurek stand with their natural brothers to defend their home.


Faction: Erlandir

Allies: Kosh Empire, Yutonian Humans

Language: Aurek Dialect, Common Tongue

Special Class: Brawler

Character Traits: Strong and gruff, speaking few of words but showing a kindness and gentleness for helpless creatures.

Appearance: Thick and full-muscled, with fang-like teeth and unkempt, natural appearance.