The Voyage Begins

War on the high seas of Montel. Thunderclaps form on the far horizon as the naval conflict sits primed to erupt! The Bloodied Tides update coming to the world of Black Gold Online will break free into new frontiers of warfare with aquatic battles, pitting the steam fleets of Isenhorst against the navies of the Erlandir Union.


New Naval Weapons


Entering the arsenals of Battle Carriers available to players, the new update will feature all new Aquatic Carriers. These carriers have been designed with unique and realistic buoyancy physics, and allow players to slug it out in exciting naval battles. The first to enter this new realm of warfare are light and fast: the nimble Wave Racer, and the slippery Waterwym



The Wave Racer is the latest advancement in Buvont military tech. The craft glides effortlessly over the surface of the water, allowing incredible maneuverability. To avoid logistic issues of munitions, the Wave Racer uses a high pressure water cannon as its primary weapon.


Basic Attack: Water Cannon – Fires forth a burst of pressurized water

Secondary Attack: Water Bomb – Collects water into a powerful bomb which it launches at target

Special Skill 1: Water Shield – Forms a protective shield of water that prevents damage and boosts abilities

Special Skill 2: Giant Missile. Launches powerful missiles dealing massive damage




The Waterwym is a powerful eel-like beasts, once the scourge of sailors but thanks to the added efforts of the Aurek have been tamed. They swim at unbelievable speeds, dipping underwater and jumping through waves with ease.


Basic Attack: Javelin – The rider hurls forth a powerful javelin

Secondary Attack: Water Wave – Shoots forth a wave of water, dealing damage and slowing enemies.

Special Skill 1: Popping Water Bomb – Spews forth a bomb of water, tracking enemies if proper target lock is made.

Special Skill 2: Diving – Forms a protective shield and dives underwater, surfacing and causing damage to enemies.