New Champions Enter the Fight

As storms form on the horizon and a calm settles before the next great conflict, two peoples of Montel, formerly removed from the vicious feuds and greed, join the fray. For Isenhorst, the Upyrian vampires set their vengeful gaze on the wrongs of the past. In Erlandir, the naturalist Aurek can recluse themselves no longer, as the war threatens the fragile environments they call home.


Upyrian Vampires – Bloody Vengeance


The Upyrians were not always vampires. In days long forgotten in the vicious wars of Montel, the people who came to be known as Upyrians were once mere Yutonian villagers, living among the western stretches of Erlandir near the Ellescadian Mountains. When the first explorations by the steam-master Dwarves crossed the ranges, this modest tribe became enamored with technology. To punish their heresy, the high priest of the Kosh cast down a blood curse upon the people, along with their young prince, Delfara, and the Upyrians were born.


After years in exile, the blood-sucking accursed followed their pale prince to the deserts of Upyria in the south of Isenhorst. Far from the looking eyes of other powers, the Upyrian vampires dabbled in tabooed magic, practicing unspeakable arts and harboring a cold resentment. Waiting. Watching.



Faction: Isenhorst

Allies: Lokemean Dwarves, Buvontian Humans

Language: Common Tongue

Special Class: Brawler

Character Traits: Devious and cunning, hidden motives pervade their every action, always coming at an angle on their road to revenge.

Appearance: Hallow and pale, with blood red eyes and silver hair. Their fashion is Neo-Victorian with influences from the occult: collared coats, chains, leather and corsets. 




Aurek Brutes – Stalwarts of Nature


The Aurek people developed just a hair beyond the animal companions amongst which they lived. Despite their simplicity, the Aurek developed a rich culture, with a reverence for nature and a distinct initiation rite. The Aurek had to be strong, and each young person – man or woman – was required to undergo a test of fortitude, injecting Black Gold into their bodies and delving into the jungle. Those who survived joined the tribe.


The Aurek had avoided the conflicts of the world for years. Despite close ties to the mighty Kosh, when the drums of war sounded, the Aurek chose to turn inward and forsake their natural brethren. It was only with the ferocity of the fighting and the destruction it reaped that this changed. Now, the Aurek stand with their natural brothers to defend their home.



Faction: Erlandir

Allies: Kosh Empire, Yutonian Humans

Language: Aurek Dialect, Common Tongue

Special Class: Brawler

Character Traits: Strong and gruff, speaking few of words but showing a kindness and gentleness for helpless creatures.

Appearance: Thick and full-muscled, with fang-like teeth and unkempt, natural appearance.



Prepare for a Brawl




The Brawler style of fighting was developed in the wake of the second great Montel war. As troops on both sides found themselves aimless and in need of work, a number joined the mercenary “Source”. Fusing technology with elemental magic, they unleashed the power of thunder and fire in conjunction with melee for impressive effectiveness in battle.


Class Special Features

With both melee and ranged attacks, the Brawler is good at adapting to the flow of battle.



Weapon: Fists, with a staff for channeling magic.

Equipment type: Leather Armor

Energy Consumption: MP

Advantage: Excellent Tank

Disadvantage: No support abilities



With the new update, players who have already reached level 40 will be able to create a new alt character as one of the new races. This character will begin at level 40, in brand new maps added as their home areas. Discover these new and exciting adventures with new quest-lines for the races.


Bloodied Tides will hit the Black Gold Online servers later this year. More details about the update will be revealed, continue to follow us on Facebook and our Forums to get more details.