Halloween Special!

We’ve got a very special deal going this weekend. Two rare mounts, normally seen only in the weathered zoological and mechanical codexes of the most erudite citizens of Montel, are available for sale! Don’t miss your chance to nap one of these rare mounts!


The Serrawyrm will be on sale on November 1st, and are in limited supply. Only ten will be sold, so don’t miss out on the chance to fly like a mythical dragon!



On Nov 2nd, Dwarven Kestrel will be available for purchase, crafted by the finest artisans of Montel, but what they have in craftsmanship they lack in quantity: there are only 10, so get yours early!


These rare mounts will be available in the BGO shop. The items will go on sale at midnight, server time, so plan ahead.