Bloodied Tides coming soon!

The shores glisten as the waves roll back and forth – ceaseless, never-ending. With each passing tide the shallow pools grow cluttered: a boot, a cracked horn, a scrap of tempered steel. Just like the tides, the fighting continues. Back and forth. Ceaseless. Never-ending.


We’re very excited to announce the next installment to the struggle for control of Montel:  Bloodied Tides. The war rages on as the sides take to new battlefields, pushing the land itself to the brink in the bid for power and control of resources. Exciting new features take the game to unseen frontiers, all just along the horizon. The next battle begins this winter!


Two New Races Join the Fray


Countless fans have been waiting anxiously, and their patience has paid off! Coming with the Bloodied Tides update, players will be able to play as the two new races: the Upyrian vampires and the Aurek brutes!


These two races have their own unique stories, and come with new sections of the map as their distinct homelands. Join the alignment of steam as the Upyrians – the cursed disciples of the wandering prince-in-exile Delfara, seeking revenge on the mages who have wronged them and summoning necrotic magic to do so. Defend the world of magic and nature with the Aurek – a brutish animalistic people known for their strength, ferocity, and rare ability to take the form of animals.



Prepare for a Brawl


Along with the new races, players will be able to play as the newest class to join in the battle: the Brawler. This class is available only for the two new races, and makes use of a unique skill and weapon set, summoning elemental fury with their bare hands.



Anchors Away


Explore the wild blue yonder with the all new Aquatic Battle system! Joining the arsenal of Battle Carriers already storming the battlefield, new Aquatic Carriers take the fight to the sea. To accompany this new type of carrier, there will also be new aquatic Battlefields, as well as a special sea-based Energy Well, requiring players to fight by land, sea and air.


Along with the special oceanic PvP, the new update will also feature underwater dungeons, hidden away for players to find. Swim through the sea and discover these special caves filled with treasure.



Stand Together, Fight as One


For those of you who have been waiting to be able to team up in the Arena, the time has come! With the new update, we’ll be adding a 3v3 Arena to Black Gold Online, with its own rankings and rewards.


In addition, the update will fix issues with the post-server merge rankings, so there can never be any doubt who are the champions of Montel!


A Stitch in Time


To better serve the players of BGO, we’ve decided to make an important change to the monetization system with the abolition of paid Time Vials. Players will now be able to get an unlimited number of higher quality Time Vials totally for free. Get awesome Templates, rare gear, and Black Gold with the new totally free Time Vial system!


These are just a few of the awesome changes coming with the next update to Black Gold Online. As the Bloodied Tides roll in, don’t miss out on all the fun. Level your character to the new max, get your hands on some rare valuables, and conquer the land and sea!