Halloween Treasure Hunt

This Halloween, we have a special treat, in which players can complete a series of accomplishments/tasks in order to get prizes! To start this special adventure, players can find the lonely manager of the Dilandian Arboretum, a crimson-skinned man by the name of Bill. Players can complete certain challenges, such as winning the battlefield or completing a certain instance, to win certain rewards. Complete one challenge to unlock a new one, and get increasingly valuable rewards the further along! Complete all the tasks to get a

Bill can be found on the steps on the western entrance to Dilandia.


In addition to this, just over the mountain, Theodia has been invaded by murderous scarecrows! These scarecrows are a nuisance, and they are certainly crafty. Track them down and finish them off, and you might just get your hands on some special Halloween candy. This candy will give you a special buff if you consume it, or save it up and redeem it for a flying broomstick mount!


The Halloween events have already begun, so be sure to start your adventure! The event will continue until November 12th.