10.27 Halloween Maintanence

The Black Gold Online game server will be down for routine maintenance, as well as to bring a fun update to get the land of Montel in the Halloween spirit. The maintenance will last from 2am to 4am Central Time (UTC -5), after which the game will resume as usual. Players can either download the patch directly, or open their game client to update automatically.


Montel Halloween


Spend the spookiest time of year in the land of steam and magic with the Black Gold Online special Halloween update. We’ve got some fun new content coming your way including:


New creeps with holiday themes. Kill these creeps to get Halloween Candy

Want a buff? Eat some of that Candy! Or you can save it up and redeem it for a special treat.

We’ve added new costumes and pets to the game, there’s no trick, get your's fast!

Complete a series of special tasks to unlock increasingly valuable prizes!

Visit the town center and see the cool Halloween decorations we’ve made!


Keep your eyes peeled as we burn through autumn, as we’ve got another major update coming up soon! We’ll have more news in the coming days, so keep posted!