New Items available in BGO!

We’re heading full-steam into Autumn, and for all you BGO fans out there who are looking for companionship and affection, you’re in luck! No, it’s not a Montel 1-900 number; it’s the new pets that are now available at the BGO Shopping Mall! We’re having a special mid-Autumn sale, including new pest, surge potions, and more!




October is half-way gone, so don’t miss out on the chance to get your Surge up with our new items available. Purchased with Black Gold, the Great Surge Potions will give you an extra boost in earning Potential for 1-4 hrs (depending on the type of Potion). Jump ahead of the competition with the Surge Orb, a special power sphere granting 1000 Potential instantly.

Cuteness for Sale


Who’s a cute little mechanized robot? Yes you are. Yes you are.


Oops, that’s embarrassing, we got distracted by the exciting new pets available in the store! Discover all the unique pets you can acquire to follow you in your adventures throughout the land of Montel. Share the journey with companions like the Mechanical Mosquito, the Jade Equine Dryad, or the vicious Golzar the Ripper.


These are just a few examples of the awesome pets now available. Check out the store to see them all!