Latest Events

[Event Name] Level Bonus

[Event Period] Oct 1st – Oct 31st




Over the course of the month, level up your character and win awesome prizes! Grow your character – the higher the level, the better the prize!



Lv 10        Gold Coins                     1

               Life Guardian Potion       10

                High-Grade Exp Pill         2


Lv20          Gold Coins                     3

               Black Gold Fragments    100

                Lv3 Gem Boxes                2


Lv30            Gold Coins                   5

                Black Gold Crystals       100

        High-Grad Double Exp Potion 10


Lv40               Gold Coins               10

                     Normal Boxes             5

                 Superior Sapphire         10



[Event Name]  The Grand Finish

[Event Period] Oct 1st – Oct 12th



It’s one thing to make to up the mountain, but it’s another to take those last few steps to the peak. Make it all the way, and get this awesome prize! But hurry up, you’ve only got until the 12th!


Lv45            Gold Coins              20

                 Normal Boxes            20

                     Black Gold         500


[Event Name] Black Gold Oktoberfest

[Event Period] Oct 1st – Oct 31st



Don't miss out on the fun this October with this special event! Log in throughout the month to get special prizes! No need for consecutive days, your logins will be tallied, with awesome prizes the more you login!


Day 1          Gold Coins                 1

             Green Crystals                 20

             Mount Prize Pack              2


Day 7         Gold Coins                    7

              Blue Crystals                    50

              Black Gold Fragments     100


Day 15        Gold Coins                  15

              Purple Crystals                 20

              Normal Boxes                   20


Day 30         Gold Coins                 30

               Fine Boxes                      10

               Black Gold                      200


[Event Name] Online Bonus

[Event Period] Oct 1st – Oct 31st



Time is valuable, and we’re glad you spend yours in Montel! For the month of October, we have some special online bonuses. Stay on for longer to win awesome prizes!


120min           Gold Coins           3

                 Normal Boxes            5

                 Mount Prize Pack       2


180min           Gold Coins            6

                 Copper Medals          10

                 Mount Prize Packs      3


240min           Gold Coins             9

                     Silver Medal              1

                 Fine Box Fragments    15