End of the September Events

Event: Log in


Gold Coins, Precious Crystals, and Valuable Coupon, log in and they will all be yours, my warrior. Come, feel the sharp blade cut through your foes’ warm flesh, summon the hellish icy storm freeze your enemy’s soul.


Log in and stay with us, then collect the awesome rewards you deserve.


[Event Period] Sep 26th – Sep 30th




1 Gold Coins

5 Green Crystals

1 Gem Synthesizing Coupon


Event: Stay Online

In order to better our gamers’ gaming experience, we have planned this special online event, BGOers can get the resources they need by staying online. 30, 60, or 90 minutes, the longer you stay with us the better the rewards are. See the list below, to figure out which gifts you will get.



[Event Period] Sep 26th – Sep 30th



30 Minutes

1 Gold Coins

10 Green Crystals

1 Gem Synthesizing Coupon


60 Minutes

2 Gold Coins

2 Blue Crystals

3 Gem Synthesizing Coupon


90 Minutes

3 Gold Coins

5 Purple Crystals

5 Gem Synthesizing Coupon


Thanks again to the continued support of our fans. We’ll have more exciting events, both in-game as well as community based events, as the Campaign of Ashes continues to get underway! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and check out our official Forum to discuss the game with your fellow champions of Black Gold Online!