Community Event – Journeyman’s Brawl

Nestled in the mountains of Theodia is a special meeting ground for adventurers of the road, a place for victory and defeat in gentlemanly duels and bitter blood feuds: the Journeyman’s Triumph.


It is at this special locale that we are happy to announce a special event taking place this weekend: the Journeyman’s Brawl. We’ll be holding three special events this coming Saturday, September 28th, so get ready for some (dis)organized PvP!


Pre-event: Sponsored Challenges


Before the organized events get going, we want to extend our support to all those people out there who just want to beat the crap out of each other. Pursuant to this support of inter-player feuds, gentlemen’s disagreements, and general skullduggery, we are offering rewards to the winners of privately arranged matches at the Journeyman’s Triumph open world arena.


[Event Period] 8am – 8pm CDT


[Event Rules]


Players must find a third party available and willing to stand in as an impartial referee. This referee can’t be a fellow guild member to either of the participants, and ideally would be a bystander.


Before the match, the players should stand together in the ring and take a screenshot that includes all of three members: the two fighters, and the referee. Fighters can then begin the fight in whatever fashion they agree, with the referee ensuring that agreed rules are followed.


After the match, the winner and referee should capture a screenshot of the victory and send it to our community team at Rewards won’t be sent to unconfirmed victories.




Victor – Fine Box (bound)

Referee – 5 Gold Coins


Important Notes:

         Players can hold multiple matches, but no more than 3

         If multiple people want to match up, form a line or a queue

         Audiences for the matchups are encouraged

        Players accused of throwing fights or colluding will have grounds to not receive rewards



Main Events


We’ve got three main events in mind for the evening. If you’re interested in participating in any of them, please contact our community team at to register your name, along with which events you'd like to join. We’ll give priority to those who come first, but will also be balancing for even teams. To register, send us an email with your character name, and screenshots of your characters gear menu and surge menu.


[Event Period] 8pm – 11pm


Main Event 1 – Champion Tournament


For players who are interested, we will be organizing a single elimination-style 1v1 tournament! Players will be placed in a bracket which we will announce before the event. At the scheduled time, players will be matched up, with an in-game GM as referee. Fellow tournament contestants, and anyone interested, are encouraged to stand around the rim of the Arena as spectators.


After each match, the winner will progress to the next fight, until we reach the championship match. The losers of the semi-final will also face off for third and fourth place.


Depending on the numbers of players interested, we will adjust the size of the bracket, and potentially divide the tournament into different divisions based on Might or Surge level.


[Awards] TBD – unique and appropriate rewards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.



Main Event 2 – Take on all Comers


In this “King of the Hill” style event, top players can volunteer or be challenged by other players to take on any challengers who come their way. A players who takes to the Arena will take on all challengers one at a time, with time to recover HP in between. If they are victorious, they will take on the next opponent. If they are defeated, they will step down. For each win, the warrior will receive a point. 5 pts will get you a Fashion Fragment – that means 50 victories will get you an exclusive Fashion item!


Any player who takes on the champion will receive a reward for their effort. Those who are able to topple a champion with a run of more than 5 consecutive wins will receive a handsome reward for defeating the champion. Specific rewards are TBD.



Main Even 3 – Good ‘ole fashioned brawl.


This one is simple: every man (or woman) for himself, last man (or woman) standing wins. Anyone who wants to participate will take to the arena at the set time. That means it doesn’t matter how many people cram onto the platform – you have to be on and stay on or be disqualified. Survive to the end to get a prize.



Important Event Rules


There are a few important event rules we want to make clear to everyone. This event will involve players fighting against members of their own faction as well as the other, and in many cases they will be at close quarters with members of the other faction. Ganking or PKing players around the Journeyman’s Triumph won’t be accepted. GM’s will be present, and we’ll be keeping record of any violators for punishment.


We hope that won’t be necessary, and anyone who is interested is inviting to show up for some community fun! Registration is open to everyone. Also, while happening, the events will be organized predominantly by in-game chat. However, any groups with Teamspeak or other gaming voice chat services who are willing to volunteer their channels for the event will be recognized for their support. Interested groups can contact our community team.


We’ll put out the details of the events before this Saturday. Stay posted on the forums and on our Facebook page for details.