Worlds Collide – Server Merge


On this coming Monday, September 22nd, the servers Ellescadia and Lokemea will be merged together into a single BGO game server, also going by the name Ellescadia. The new merged server will support a more stable player population and alleviate a number of technical issues we’ve encountered with the multi-server system.


This server merge will affect some players, and we’ve prepared a short FAQ to answer any questions players may have.


What will happen to my character with the merge?


Regardless of which server your characters are on, they will end up in this new single game server, Ellescadia. The stats and qualities of your characters will not change.


If your character on one server has the same name as a character from the other server, after the merge the names will be changed slightly: a few letters or numbers will be added or replaced in your names. After the merge, players who find their character name has changed can contact our support team or in-game GMs, and we’ll help get the name reset.


I have characters on both servers, what will happen to them?


As each player only has 5 spots for characters on a given server, those who have more than that between the two will have their top characters combined into one account. The system will automatically measure based on time played and level, moving the top 5 into the slots and deleting the rest.


If a player finds after the merge that a character they wanted was deleted, they can contact support or in-game GMs to have that character returned. However, players only get 5 characters, so reviving a character will mean getting rid of another.


What will happen to my Guild with the merge?


Guilds will be moved over with no affect to the guild itself. As with character names, if Guilds have the same name as a Guild from the other servers, the names will be changed automatically, and can be fixed by contacting our support team.


Energy Wells will Refresh with the merge


What about the Energy Wells!?!?


First, for individual players, the Energy Well’s Reputation system won’t be affected by the merge. Your reputation with any given Well will remain the same after the servers merge.


For the Guild and Faction control of the Energy Wells, the mergers will bring an early Energy Well Refresh. The map will reset, with 4 wells controlled factionally per side and the Doomsday Base contested, an all Guild control will be wiped. As a note: this will not affect the next Energy Well Refresh, set for midnight on October 1st.


Any further questions, please reach out to our support team with your concerns at, and we'll help to make sure you experience a smooth transition to the new single server.



To accompany the merger serve, we’ve also prepared some special Worlds Collide in-game events!


State your Name for the Record


Event Period: After 9.22


With the server merge, some of you may end up with the same name. Those of you who do, we’ll provide you with a special gift to make up for the snafu, including a card to change your name. Contact support with your account details to receive your prize.




Event Period: After 9.22


Eligible Characters: Characters created before 9.16


With the server merge, some of you may end up with the same name! The game will automatically add a few letters to the end of your name. Find the player with the same name as you in the game, and snap a picture with your Doppleganger for a prize! Post the photo to our forum, and we’ll reward you handsomely. Be sure to contact our support team to receive your prize!


Prize: 500 Black Gold



War Cry


Event Period: 9.22-9.28


As the world comes crashing in on itself, prepare for war! Finish the Battlefield to receive special prizes. Win or lose, you’ll have to see it to the end! In-game rewards will be received automatically.



Band Together


Event Period: 9.22-9.28


As the world spirals into chaos, players must team up to take on the evils of Montel! Form a team, and complete Instances to win special prizes! It doesn’t matter which Instances, these bad guys have got to go!