Montel Powers - TAW


There are those who fight their battles with brutality and fierce abandon, and then there are those who win through discipline, organization, and chain of command. The later of these two styles is the guiding philosophy of the subject of this week’s Montel Powers, as we learn about the unique guild, The Art of Warfare, from their upper command: Major General Draxton, First Lieutenant Konscious, and First Lieutenant Cenamderi (they did, in fact, provide these ranks).


Firstly, we wanted to learn a bit more about their background – it seemed this was no spontaneously formed guild, but one with roots and history going back long before Black Gold Online.


Formed in 2001, TAW is a fully organized Guild playing together in nearly three dozen games. Asking a little into the story, the high command had this to say:


The Art of Warfare is derived from The Art of War which is an ancient Chinese military treatise attributed to Sun Tzu. A large portion of our membership is either currently serving, or has served in service around the world’s military. We have quite a few members not associated with military at all, but still enjoy the comforts and structure of the organization itself.


TAW players PvPing and rocking the Labor Day outfit

Joining the war-torn land of Montel, it seems fitting that TAW draws its name sake from early texts dated to the early warring period of pre-imperial China. We were curious to learn how a Guild with such a militaristic structure would administer itself.


The Art of Warfare features a semi-pseudo structure similar to that of the US military.  We have Officers and NCOs, as well as a distinct separation between our gaming unit, called Army, and Central Command.  Central Command sets policies and determines the direction our guild takes through a somewhat democratic process.


The ladies... well, at least in-game... of TAW

Leadership is earned and not given within TAW as participation in events and in game growth is evaluated and offered up to each member; however, opportunities are given to membership to fill roles as needed.


Clearly this is working for TAW, as they proudly claim to have recently broke 2,700 members in their community. In Black Gold, they have 40 dedicated members on either faction, with this number growing. For those who try to join, it’s a structured process, with orientations and a vetting process.


Which brings up a very interesting fact about TAW: they are a cross-factional guild. With Black Gold Online’s fundamental concept of factional PvP, this raised some questions: how does one run a Guild split between two sides trying to kill each other? The answer is quite fascinating.


Our main rule is something we like to call, “If you’re red, you’re dead”.  This means if you are flagged red for PvP, you are fair game no matter what you are doing.  Occasionally, members will call for truces over Teamspeak, but for the most part we allow our separate factions the liberty of duking it out.


That's no battlefield, that's the Guild parking lot!

We hold events throughout the week, and challenge both sides to matches.  In PvP, if you are on the opposite faction you are an enemy even though you might be in the same channel in teamspeak.  This promotes a little friendly banter between each other as well as great practice for your character.  Our dedicated PvP matchups will require both factions be separated in their own channel on teamspeak.


Aside from the general mayhem and fun of these events, the leaders of TAW also pointed out the importance of well-understood commands and discipline of players. When someone I charge tells them to stop fighting, they stop fighting.


To the face! That's what a cross-faction Guild looks like

Clearly such a structured and well-ordered Guild would be made up of the most highly competitive players around. In fact, according to “Central Command”, this is far from the case.


The Art of Warfare, is many things. Due to our size, we don’t really fit one category. We are both casual and competitive; a band of friends and a well disciplined army.

We contain members from around the globe, many from different backgrounds, many who have a different idea of what they want from TAW.  Due to this, TAW has adapted and we can proudly say that we have a spot for just about any honest gamer that is interested -- notice we said honest. 


Going hand-in-hand with this focus on honesty is TAW’s own Code of Ethics. For those willing to abide by it, TAW has some unique things to offer, according to Draxton and his lieutenants.


As a guild, we tend to try and dabble in everything together. We run daily instances and PvP with each others, and we even have scheduled events for planned things like headhunter, Alignment Wars, and Energy Well wars.


Playing Adventures, Battlefields, and many more

We also like to spice things up with homemade events like “Hide and Go Smash”, and a recent event, still in the works, called “Fortress Battle”.  Some of these events take elements from things like hide ‘n’ go seek where it is still objective-based, but it allows our members to sit back and have fun with it.


The Art of Warfare, with both their Isenhorst and Erlandir guilds, is certainly an interesting rising power in Montel. While they would not outright say whether they had any beefs with other Guilds, the leaders of TAW said they’ve got no time for cheaters       and bad sports, and they’ve got plans to get active in the Energy Well system. As the land of Montel broils with fresh conflict, TAW is primed to play a major part.


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