Shifting Battle Lines - Energy Wells

As the next great conflict begins, players can enjoy an updated Energy Well system, with new features to ensure exciting and challenging play. Build a massive guild, or unite in a federation of small ones. Win through courage, strategy, or even intrigue. The struggle for control of the land is waiting.


Campaign Fatigue


As the battle for Montel’s precious Black Gold reserves drags on, the valiant troops of either faction can become exhausted from the constant fighting. Be ready to face uphill battles with the new battle feature: Campaign Fatigue.


Each weekend during the Alignment War window, each individual player must choose which battle to join in first. If they leave, or the battle ends, they have the option to join in the battles for other contested wells that are still ongoing. With the new Campaign Fatigue system, players from the faction carrying the advantage will experience a special Debuff. For whichever faction controls the larger number of Energy Wells at the time of the battle, their players will experience increasing Debuffs as they join more and more battles.


Battle to capture powerful Black Gold reservoirs for your Faction and Guild


To illustrate with an example: if Erlandir controls 6 of the 9 Energy Wells, then Erlandir has the advantage. All players from Erlandir who participate in their first battle of this period will experience no debuff at all. If they subsequently join in another battle, they will experience a 50% debuff on max health, damage and healing ability. Exhausted from the fight, joining in a third battle will raise this debuff to a 90% reduction of these stats.


This debuff only applies to the Energy Well battles themselves – players who leave the battle will regain their original traits. Also, the debuff doesn’t apply to Battle Carriers. It’s also important to note that should the advantage change hands, this system is reset: if a faction with the majority of wells should lose that dominance, the debuff would go away for the next battle. The system also resets each week.


With this new system, players must coordinate with their compatriots, and keep in mind what territory they control, and what types of debuffs they may face with each weekly Alignment War.


Energy Well Refresh


To even further fan the flames of conflict, the Energy Well system has also received a new monthly “Refresh” function.


In order to ensure competitive PvP and exciting, action-packed game play, the Energy Well system will now be reset every month at midnight on the first of the month. All control is temporary, and both Factions and Guilds must fight to regain and maintain control with each refresh.


With the Energy Well Refresh, every month is a new opportunity

The Energy Well Refresh sets the map back to its basic settings. Each faction controls 4 energy wells, specifically the ones on their half of the map. All of the Energy Wells are empty of Guild Control, and open to be captured. In the middle of the map, the Doomsday Base stands totally vacant.


In the days and weeks after the Refresh, the two factions must duke it out for control of the map, as the Guilds of either faction snatch up the empty Energy Wells and battle for control.



New Challenges on the Battlefield


For an increased level of intensity and action during Energy Well battles, we’ve made two important updates.


Firstly, the Battle Carrier’s Protection System has been removed, which means players will no longer lose their Battle Carrier’s if they are destroyed. With a freer use of Battle Carriers, Energy Well battles stand to be more exciting and fast-paced as armies make tactical and strategy decisions to turn the tides of the battle.



The second update alters the dynamic for assaulting an Energy Well in Guild Wars. Attacking armies have the ultimate goal of destroying the defender’s Energy Pillar nestled in their base. Previously, this could be achieved by any means necessary. With the new system, they must follow a more challenging tactical path.


Aggressors must first attack the central pillar of the battle map. Only once this is destroyed will they be able to deal damage to the defensive gate to the enemy fortress. Once destroyed, players must storm the fortress and attack the pillar to claim victory.


The face of Montel is ever changing, as powerful forces lay claim to the shifting battle lines. Land, wealth and power are ripe for the taking. Capture yours and rule Montel in the updated Energy Well system from the Campaign of Ashes.