Campaign of Ashes Unleashed! [Update]

The land of Montel faces new challenges as the war for Black Gold intensifies with the all new content drop, the Campaign of Ashes. The posturing is completed, the preparations made. The new front is ready to blow.


The team at Black Gold Online is very proud to announce that after our next round of maintenance from   2am - 8am this morning, September 3rd, the next chapter in the evolving war for Black Gold will begin!! The Campaign of Ashes takes off, with exciting new frontiers, new terrors, and new opportunities for steam-powered and magically enhanced violence!


The Battle Heats Up


The Campaign of Ashes features no shortage of awesome new content to fuel the simmering tensions between the factions of steam and magic in their bid for dominance.


The road has not yet reached its end. Players can continue to grow and customize their characters with all new systems as we raise the max level to 45. To accompany this new max level, we’ve got new equipment, including a whole new tier of upgradable gear, T3 equipment. Build the hero you want with upgrades and enhancements, and strengthen your favorite abilities with the all new customizable “Skill Surge” system.


Challenge your fellow warriors to exciting and fast-paced PvP with the all new cross-server PvP matching system. Fight for glory in teams in new PvP maps and game modes, including the special Death Hills battle carrier map. On the topic of carriers, the entire Battle Carrier system has been improved, and two new carriers join the arsenal. Capture your share of Montel with the updated Energy Well system, with added features to ensure competitive and challenging mass battles.


The new BGO Game Client has been vastly improved, with major optimizations for better performance. Thanks to the continued efforts of our awesome Open Beta testers, the game continues to hash out bugs, with a huge leap in balancing and polishing coming with the update.



Download the Update


The Campaign of Ashes can be downloaded either by direct download, or by firing up the BGO Client and allowing it to update itself. The direct download can be found below. Learn more about the direct download HERE.



Download Patches: 

Note: Be sure to install the patches in order!



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Find out more about all the exciting new features coming in the Campaign of Ashes by visiting our Official Page. The next conflict is about to ignite, are you ready?