The New Front Lines

As the last preparations are made to launch great grand new campaign in the war for Black Gold, take a moment to study the battle field as we offer a sneak peek at the new PvP coming to Black Gold Online! The front lines are waiting, will you survive?



The Fiercer the Fight, the Bloodier the Fang


Discover the all new Blood Fang Citadel


The hotly contested fight for Blood Fang Citadel gets a new battle map with the upcoming Campaign of Ashes. The new terrain and base dispositions takes the key elements of the original Blood Fang Citadel – team work and coordination, mounted combat, capturing bases – and adds some new twists.


The BFC will continue to affect a player’s Military Rank, and on the battlefield players will still be able to utilize communal Battle Carriers or summon their own. Starting on opposite ends of the map, the players will fight for control of bases tied to spawn points and Carrier depots. Battle through narrow valleys and atop sharp rocky cliffs to capture the powerful central energy node. With the challenging geography, the new Blood Fang Citadel offers heroes the chance to face their enemy in high-energy and strategic combat.



Death Rolls in from the Hills


In addition to the Blood Fang Citadel, the military commanders of Montel will be able to face off with an all new Battlefield: the Death Hills. This special instanced battle map stands apart from the other Battlefields, as players will be able to use their Battle Carriers as they struggle to control key strategic points.


Attack the Energy Pillar (top right) to acquire a special Supply Cart (bottom)


The Death Hills offers a unique new team-based PvP game mode. In the Death Hills, two teams face off as they attempt to attack a centrally located Energy Pillar. Their goal is this: deal 50% of the Energy Pillar’s overall damage, and in doing so summon a Supply Cart. This special cart must then be defended, as it makes its way from the pillar back to the team’s own base.



Besides the pillar, the map also has a number of special bases that players can capture. Control of these bases offers defense boosts to your own cart, and debuffs for the enemy’s. Players must work as a team to capture and control these bases, attack the pillar, and defend their cart back to their base. With each successful cart returned, a team receives 1 point. Get 3, and claim victory.


Sharpening the Tools of War


To accompany these exciting new features to Black Gold Online’s mounted PvP, the Campaign of Ashes will also features some exciting changes to the Battle Carrier system, including two brand new carriers!



Each faction will see the appearance of a new Raid class of Battle Carrier. For Isenhorst, heroes of steam can grapple enemies with unique chain abilities and hacksaw melee attacks piloting the Reaper. For the sorcerers of the Erlandir, hunters can bring down their prey with ease astride the Fog Devourer.



In addition to the two new carriers, all Battle Carriers will have a new Tier VIII level, with new stats, abilities, and skin designs. Besides this, the Battle Carrier system’s previous fuel restrictions feature has been removed, meaning players can utilize their Carriers without having to constantly refuel.



The Campaign of Ashes takes off this Wednesday Sept 3rd. Learn about all the cool new features at our special Campaign of Ashes page. Keep up with the latest news and community events by following us on Twitter and Facebook, and joining the conversation on our Forums with your fellow BGO fans.