Update Patch Available

For those of you who don’t want to wait, the manual download for the upcoming Campaign of Ashes update is now available! You can visit our download page to get the individual downloads HERE.


The update is broken into two files:



Patch 1.029-1.030

Size: 315 MB

MD5 Code: 6c860f64c31ffa9241b8f5e4d1ae9b95

Individual Link: http://download.bg.snailgame.com/USA_HJ/files/BGOpatch0.0.1.029-


Patch 1.030-1.031

Size: 360 MB

MD5 Code: 1da3f8e130e8a65d0917622bc31cd77d

Individual Link:  http://download.bg.snailgame.com/USA_HJ/files/BGOpatch0.0.1.030-



Players can download these two files before the update, so that they will be ready to go when the update goes live at 6am Central Daylight Time on September 3rd!


NOTE: Be sure that you do NOT attempt to install the game before the update, as you will NOT be able to enter the game as a result. The Update Maintenance will take place from 2am-6am on Sept 3rd.


Manual downloaders can install the patches – first the 1.029-1.030, then the 1.030-1.031 – at their leisure by simply running the .exe file of the patch.