Campaign of Ashes Date Announced

The fierce fight boils over into new fronts with the first major update to Black Gold Online, the “Campaign of Ashes” coming on Wednesday, September 3rd. This major content drop will feature no shortage of exciting new opportunities for players take on powerful enemies, enter fast-paced PvP, and grow their character into a Knight of Montel.



Derelict mechs smolder in shallow craters. A wounded warrior cries out in pain, as the forces of steam and sorcery gather their dead. The conflict for Black Gold rages, as the Kingdom of Isenhorst and the Erlandir Union struggle for control of Montel and the precious resource it holds. War spreads to new battlefields, as advanced weaponry and powerful troops hit the front. The powder keg of Montel is primed to blow, waiting to spark the Campaign of Ashes.


Some new features coming in the Campaign of Ashes:


An all new world map, the Ashen Copse, with new Quests, new World Bosses, and high level open world PvP!


Customized character growth with increased max level, more equipment and a new “Skill Surge” system


New content across the board: Battlefields, Battle Carriers, Instances, Adventures, Chambers of Greed - you name it, we've added to it


Reworked interface, with integrated queuing and cross-server PvP system


Updated Energy Wells system for competitive world domination


Optimized client for smoother and faster game play


More details about the next great conflict to take grip of Montel will be revealed as we get closer to September 10th. Find out the latest news, updates, and exciting promotional events for the Campaign of Ashes on the Black Gold Online Facebook, Twitter, and our official Forums.