Labor Day Maintenance Complete!


The Black Gold Online servers will be down for regular maintenance to make some minor changes from 2am to 4am CDT this Wednesday, August 27th. The servers will go back online after the maintenance, at which time players will be able to update their game client, either by direct download or by opening the client and allowing it to automatically update itself.


Patch Notes:


1. Glitch with Name Change Card has been resolved

2. Two new items added to the Gold Dust Clerk merchant

3. Reworked “Coupon” system implemented

4. “Labor Day” costume created, along with related changes



Moving on Up


We’ve added two new items to the Gold Dust Clerk that are sure to spark the entrepreneurial spirit in Montel. The first item, the Superior Treasure Blue Crystal, increases treasure points gained by 50% for one hour. This special crystal is a must-have for the budding Time Vial speculators, looking to turn their hard earned time in to gear, Black Gold, and Gems, or sell it on the Auction House for Coupons.


The second item is an updated Mount Prize Pack. This pack will grant two random prizes, ranging from Gems to Medals to Template Boxes, with a small chance for the very lucky to receive a rare flying mount or mount fragment!


These two items are no ordinary products, however, as now they are available for purchase through Coupons! Don’t have a ton of money to spend? Spark your entrepreneurial spirit and start selling your hard-earned Time Vials on the Auction House to earn Coupons. Get your hands on awesome stuff to grow your character, all from the fruit of your own labor!


Superior Treasure Blue Crystal: 500 Coupons

Mount Prize Pack: 300 Coupons


Labor Day Outfits


Speaking of earning your way through hard work, Labor Day weekend is coming up. It’s a day to honor the hard working men and women of Montel, and to show our appreciation we’ve created a great new in-game fashion item: the Black Gold Miner! Take a day off from slaving away in the Black Gold quarry, and look good doing it!



Event Details:


To get the special Labor Day Outfit, players will need to collect 10 special costume fragments. These fragments can be acquired through Login and Online bonuses.


Login: Log into your BGO account, and you’ll be rewarded a fragment! Limited one per day.

Online: Play through the adventures in Montel for 4 hrs of online time, and you’ll get a fragment!


In addition to the outfit, players who don the Black Gold Miner garb will get a special achievement with a unique in-game title. Players can show their support for all the hard working people with the special title “I can do it!”


As a special community event to go along with the new outfits, fans who share pictures of their new special costume on Labor Day (that’s Monday, September 1st, for our international fans) on Facebook or Twitter will be eligible to win a reward of 700 Coupons as a special Labor Day vacation bonus! Send us proof of your post along with your account name and server to to claim your prize!