[Server Update] Montel Tremors

The game servers have been experiencing some unexpected instability. We are in the process of contacting our network provider. Please wait patiently while we resolve this issue, and thanks for your understanding.


To make it up to all our loyal fans who have been affected by this tragedy, we have begun a new event to say thanks for your continued support and to apologize for the problems.


Event Name: Montel Tremors

Event Period: August 23

Event Description:


Instability shakes the land of Montel, as the world itself crumbles with fuzziness. People appear and disappear at random. One’s senses are dulled, leading to slow reaction time. Some unlucky spontaneously lose consciousness!


We’re sorry to say, the network for our servers has run into some troubles. As a way to make it up to everyone, we’ve added this new special login event. Log in to BGO to receive a special gift.


Event Prize


3 xGem Synthesizing Failure Proof Spells

This special scroll contains an incantation that can ensure that when synthesizing gems, if the process is a failure, a player will not lose the old gems.


1 x Rapid Growth Chests

Intrepid adventurers can take advantage of this special box, filled with all kinds of goodies to accelerate growth. Fragments of different template boxes, Energy Crystals, Silver Medals and more are inside, get started on the road to victory now!


We on the BGO Team would like to sincerely apologize for the problems, and we appreciate all your support.