Mid-Summer Mount Pack Sale!

Escape the summer heat in a world where the sun is always shining, the breeze is always cool, and aside from the spiraling war and devastation, things can be downright peaceful. Montel is waiting, and we’ve got a special offer to show our thanks for the support of fans like you!


For our Mid Summer Bonus deal, we’ve reinstated a new and improved Mount Prize Pack, and for a limited time only you can get it for a measly 264 Vouchers! Starting immediately, the new prize pack is a steal, but you’d better act fast as this offer will only last from August 18th to the 20th.



Changes to the Mount Prize Pack


For the new Mount Prize Pack, we’ve made some adjustments to the rewards and the random award system. We’ve added back in the Fine Box, which entitles players to an assortment of Fine Templates. In addition, we’ve added a number of other exciting prizes, and made appropriate adjustments to the quantities of each prize to fit their value. With the new pack prizes, fans can win awesome loot with a little luck, without upsetting the in-game balance.


Basic Prizes


With each prize pack, fans will get two random items from a pool of great items. Each item has the same chance of being chosen, and you can even get the same item twice! Keep in mind, some items will be bound, and can't be traded.


Mount Prizes


With all the awesome rewards you’ll get randomly, it’s easy to forget the really lucky part of the Mount Prize Pack: the Mounts! If you’re touched with a bit of fate, you could receive a rare flying mount, or some mount fragments which can be combined for a mount.


Lady luck may smile on you with one of these rare mounts

Get Fragments of these 4 mounts. All 10 fragments can be used to get the mount!