Server Maintenance 8.18 - Complete

Black Gold Online will undergo some routine maintenance this Monday, August 18th from 2:00 – 4:00 am. During that time, the servers will be down and unable to be accessed. After the maintenance is completed, players will be able to the patch by direct download, or allowing their BGO Game Client to automatically update itself.


Patch Notes


1.  Added an all new “Gold Coin Chest” to the Gold Dust Merchant

2.  Edited description of Pyromancer’s “Shockwave” skill – corrected an inaccuracy

3.  Fixed error in Beastmaster’s “Stubborn Wound” skill description

4.  Resolved search function error in Auction House – can now search for “Template”

5.  Fixed grammar error in “Shadow Hunt” friend invitation text



Gold Coin Chest


In order to better serve our player community, we’ve added an all new Gold Coin Chest to Black Gold Online! This special chest entitles players to a random valuable item, from Crystals to Gem boxes, Professional Materials to Copper Medals, even Black Gold! And the best part … it only costs 5 Gold Coins! No Vouchers, no Black Gold, just 5 gold of in-game currency. For all you free farmers out there, now’s your chance to cash-in and gear up.


Stay posted for more news about upcoming events and future updates. We’ll be running some new promotional events and content reveals as we get closer to our first major update, coming early this fall. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and check out our Forum for up-to-date news about events, maintenance, and game content.