8.7 Server Maintenance Complete

The Black Gold Online servers will be down for maintenance this upcoming Wednesday, August 7th from 2am-4am CDT. After the update is complete, fans will be able to download the patch directly from our Download section, or can automatically update the game by running the Game Client.


In this patch, we resolve a number of bugs and add some new features.


1. Opened the “Character Name Change” function. Players can now change their character’s names.

2. Fixed environmental bugs in Balanced Arena. Players won’t be able to stand on pillars to escape damage anymore.

3. Fixed Geomancer’s “Sand Twister” upgrade bug. Upgrading from level 1 to 2 will now work.

4. Fixed Blademaster “Blazing Charge” skill, will now affect static targets.

5. Fixed issue with unusable spaces in Guild Warehouse.

6. Fixed issue with randomly losing items when withdrawing from Guild Warehouse

7. Resolved control issues in 10vs10 and 25vs25 battlefields. Keys F2-F9 will now work correctly

8. Resolved the login error message “-“ bug.


We’ve also added some exciting new content to accompany upcoming events. Stay tuned for that.


If you encounter any problems with updating the game, please contact our support team at support@snailgamesusa.com for assistance to fix this issue.


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