Open Beta Test Events Announced!

The Black Gold Online Open Beta Test is fast approaching. As all the champions of Montel gear up for the coming war, we’d like to show our appreciation to all the loyal fans out there with these Open Beta Events! Players will be able to win some special prizes just for playing the game.


Win amazing prizes by participating in our OBT Events!


Riches and glory await in Black Gold Online, so be sure to fuel up in our energizing events.


Event 1: Early Character Creation

Event period: 2014/6/17 – 2014/6/20

Requirement: All Servers



Players will be able to enter the game for three days of special character creation awesomeness. Fans who enter our servers early will be able to reserve their character name before anyone else. With three days of pre-Beta access, budding adventurers can experiment with all the options and sliders in the deeply detailed BGO character creation system. As a show of our appreciation, those who participate will be entitled to a very special gift pack. What’s inside? You’ll have to see to find out!


If you think you’re a real beauty, or perhaps your hands have the golden touch, well we’ve got something for you! Submit your character at for a chance to be selected as “Montel’s Next Top Model!”


Event 2: Top-Up & Command the Vanguard

Event period:  June 20th, 2014 (24 hour period from 00:00AM to 23:59PM)

Requirement: All Servers, All payment methods

How to Top-Up:

Any playerwho tops-up their account during the day of June 20th will receive an exclusive gift pack worthy of a true Conqueror. The treasure box includes exclusive fashion costumes, epic tokens, experience boost potions, in-game currency and rare vouchers!

Players will be able to acquire vouchers with real-life currency by visiting our Snail Games Member Center. These vouchers can be used with our “Sands of Time” monetization system. Top-up during the day of June 20th to get the special, exclusive gift pack. Don't miss this one time offer!


Event 3: Time-out and Move-up Bonus

Event period: Since 2014/6/20

Requirement: All Servers


As a special treat for committed and consistent players, we’ve provided extra bonuses for putting in the time and leveling up! Players who play for set intervals of time and reach certain levels will get a special bonus! These gifts will appear on the right side of the UI, and can be claimed by each player once a day.


Players will be able to get a special “Online Gift Pack” and “Level Upgrade Gift Pack”


Event 4: Open Beta Sign-in Bonus

Event Period: 2014/6/20 Starts

Requirement: All Servers


Sign in everyday and receive our unique Sign-in Gift Pack. Every day you sign in will have new and more valuable rewards, so don’t miss a second of Black Gold Online OBT awesomeness!


Event 5:Three Paths of the Warrior

Event Period: 

2014/6/20 - 2014/6/26(On the road to glory!)

2014/6/20 - 2014/7/3(Might Score Boosting)

2014/6/20 - 2014/7/20(Diligent Master)

Requirement:All Servers


1. On the road to glory!

Players will find many challenges as they fight their way to the top in the war for Black Gold. Get a little boost with this special prize for reaching level 25! Level up and claim your prize!


2. Might Score boosting

Any Character reaches 10000 might score or above will be able to collect our BGO might score boosting gift by clicking the button from the right.


3. Diligent Master

Put hammer to anvil, stitch together your trousers, and organize your vials in this special promotion for all the crafting experts out there. At level 18, players will get the opportunity to apprentice with masters of one of the 5 crafting professions: Armorer, Blacksmith, Tailor, Jeweler or Alchemist.


Craft gear and learn new crafting skills to upgrade your professional level. Players will be entitled to special prizes for reaching leveling their profession to lvl 3, lvl 6, and the high mastery of lvl 9.


Event 6:Guild me up, Buttercup

Event Period:2014/6/20

Requirement:All Servers


Players can join or create Guilds with their own unique diplomacy, sigil, and “technology level.” A guild’s tech level will offer special benefits to guild members such as health/attack bonuses, special equipment, etc.


As an added bonus, we’ve provided this special event, where a player will be rewarded when the guild to which they pledge allegiance reaches levels 3, 6,9. All guild members will receive the gift. As their Guild grows in power, members will receive special treasure chests filled with wonderful bonuses!


Event 7:Montel Scavenger Hunt

Event Period: 2014/6/20 - 2014/7/20

Requirement: All Servers


Scattered around the land of Montel, there are those who set out in search of great treasure and adventure. These intrepid treasure hunters will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Finish them off before they do the same to you, and you may just discover a treasure map for your trouble.


Discover treasure maps and explore new the world to find great treasure. Find enough treasure and we’ll off you a special reward!


Event 8:Frenzy weekends

Event Period:Every weekend since 2014/6/20

Requirement: All Servers


Everything gets wilder on the weekend! During our Frenzy Weekends, it’s Double Gold Coins, Double Experience, Double everything! Make sure to take advantage of this special bonus and login on the weekends!


Event 9: Questionnaire

Event Period:Since 2014/6/20

Requirement: All Servers


Help us better understand what works and what doesn’t in Black Gold Online. Finish a small questionnaire, win a big prize.


The Black Gold Online Open Beta Test will begin on June 20th at 2pm Pacific Daylight Time.


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Want to join the fun? Make sure to download the BGO GAME CLIENT as soon as possible. Get our special Black Gold Online Downloader, and get your client downloaded. Give yourself some time, it’s a doozy at 10 GB. Download it, install it, and prepare for war!