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Guild System

The power of the lone wolf can be fierce, but no force is stronger than the pack. As the war rages on over the precious Black Gold, factions will take shape, alliances will form and fall, and enemies will appear. Guard yourself, capture cities to control, and rule the land with Guilds.


I. Create a Guild

Once a character reaches level 15, they can create a guild at a Guild Administrator in all the major cities.


II. Join a Guild

 Players without a guild can apply to join an existing one from the guild interface.Simply find a guild to join and click “Apply”. You can only apply for 3 at a time, so make your choices carefully. 



 III. Invite

Guild leaders, officers, and any player with invitation rights can invite players to join their guild from the guild menu or by right-clicking on another player’s character.



IV. Technology Points

As a Guild grows in strength and power, they will be able to upgrade their Technology level. Technology will bestow optional perks and buffs to all Guild members, and the higher the level, the better the benefits. Guilds with high Tech levels will have access to special high level mount manuals.

V. Contribution Points

Players will discover through Side Quests and various activities special “Guild Black Gold” resources. When donated to their Guild, the Guild’s coffers will fill, allowing more funds for upgrade. Contributing to the Guild gives players special Contribution Points, which can be redeemed for certain items from their Guild in the Guild interface.


VI. Guild Diplomacy

The political face of Montel is always changing. Guildscan build alliances and declare rivalries with their fellows across the map. A guild is allowed at most 3 allies and 3 rivals at one time.


VII. Leave Guild

1) Leave: Click "Leave" at the bottom right of the guild interface to leave the guild. 
2) Expel: Members with expulsion privilegescan expel guild members fromthe guild.


VIII. Disband Guild

Only the Guild Leader can disband the guild. Within 24 hours, the Guild Leader can change their mind and cancel the Guild Disband at a Guild Administrator.