While exploring the world of Black Gold, players may chance upon Outbreaks. Outbreaks are dynamic open world events, similar to quests but are more spontaneous. Outbreaks offer special rewards, as well as challenges that force random players to work together to win.


I. The Outbreak System

Players will stumble upon Outbreaks throughout the world. Some outbreaks are tied to specific locations and set times, while others will occur randomly. When players are in an event’s area, they will be notified in the quest log and informed by a special sound effect that they have entered a nearby Outbreak. The new "Event" section of the Quest box that will appear will details the time, difficulty, objectives and rewards of the Outbreak.


II. Triggering events

There is no telling when you will encounter an Outbreak. Outbreaks can be triggered by going near them. Some will remain hidden until you are nearby, while others will appear on the map from far away. When viewable on the map, an Outbreak will appear as a flashing skull and crossbones. Players can choose to participate, or leave the area to untrigger the event.

III. Types of events

1) Large Events

There are a number of large scale events that will appear occassionally at certain locations. These events may include fighting off hordes of enemies, or even epic clashes with invading armies of NPCs from the other faction. The large events will often last longer, offering opportunities for passing players of the same faction to team up to take on the hordes of enemies.


2) Area-specific events

Area-specific events such as small raids or roaming packs of ravenous beasts may be encountered as well. These enemies will often involve a primary objective, such as one or a handful of higher level enemies, as well as a secondary task, such as destroying a nearby object or eliminating a band of lower level body guards.


3) Resource Collection

Players may also encounter randomly occuring events in which they may gather up a particular resource from the environment in exchange for a special prize.


4) World Boss

There are many challenging bosses ravaging the landscape of Montel. Terribly powerful monsters, mutated experiments gone wrong, rogue machines and evil sorcerors await. These bosses will appear with a special golden Outbreak symbol, and are not to be treated lightly. Players will need to band together to defeat these powerful bosses and collect the precious treasure they possess.

IV. Outbreak Rewards

Many events reward players with treasure chests. In these treasure chests, players may find purple equipment, pets, and even rare mounts.


Chief among the rewards for completing Outbreaks are Valor Points. These special rewards can be used as currency to acquire important resources and items from the Valor Quartermaster. The Valor Quartermaster can be found in many of the major cities, and is recognizable by a special sigil of a crate above their head and on the map.

Valor Quartermasters grant player access to rare, high level equipment, Personal Carrier manuals, special items and important resources for crafting and Carrier creation. Players must venture into the world and take on Outbreaks in order to earn Valor and acquire this important gear!