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Energy Well

As the war rages on, the two factions battle for control of the land. The Kingdom of Isenhorst rallies their mechanized legions, as the Erlandir Union summons the forces of nature and magic to their side. As the world’s supply of Black Gold dwindles, precious reservoirs appear throughout the land. Greed and desperation drive the forces against each other, as countrymen turn against each other in the Energy Well Battles.


Energy Well battles are one of the major high level gameplay features of Black Gold Online.

Nine different Energy Wells are spread across the continent of Montel. The Energy Wells vary in size, ranging from Small, Medium to Large Energy Wells. The Energy Wells bring with them certain important benefits, but also responsibilities and heavy risks.


For players whose Guild controls an Energy Well, the benefits are numerous. They have access to stores and merchants they otherwise wouldn’t. They can purchase rare items and mounts and will receive buffs in the Energy Well region.


I.Energy Well System

1) Position and Management



2) Maintenance: Leaders in charge of an Energy Well must build up defenses and upgrade the infrastructure of their Energy Well, as well as set their members to work utilizing special features like crafting buffs. A well-run Energy Well is a formidable force, and a poorly-run one is ripe for invasion.

3) Other benefits
       Bonus buffs in the Energy Well zone. 
       Effects differ depending on class or profession
       Influence on other maps.


II.Available Energy Wells       



III. Energy Well gameplay

1) Faction Wars



Faction wars are massive PvP activities in which the two factions collide for control of the land. Players who have reached 30 or above can participate. Guild members or free riders can all participate.


Two sides will clash in a massive battle mixing soldiers on foot with Battle Carriers. The result of the battle will decide which faction controls the Energy Wells for the next week. The faction in control at the time of the battle will defend their base while the opposing faction will assault the fortress, seeking to break down the walls and storm the keep.

Faction Wars will take place once a week at a posted time. All players looking to participate can opt-in to join the fight for their side in the battle for Montel!


2) Guild Wars

         1) A Battle for Land

In addition to the Faction Wars, control of an Energy Well will be contested by members of the controlling faction. Throughout the week, Guilds can declare war on other Guilds in a bit to capture the Energy Well. The Guild currently in control will defend, while the attacking Guild or Guild Alliance seek to take the Energy Well Away.


2) Time Table

Energy Well Guild battles can take place daily in the evening.


 3) Carriers in the Battle

Unlike the open world, players will not be able to summon their Personal Carriers at will in Energy Well battles. Along the fields of battle hide Battle Carrier NPCs. Players must fight through contested areas to reach them and summon their carriers, or use available carriers from the Energy Well. The more powerful the Guild and well-managed the Energy Well, the better the available Carriers.


Players from a controlling Guild can visit their Energy Well to take on exclusive daily quests. These daily quests can yield rare rewards, like materials to produce powerful mounts.

Energy Wells house special NPCs


If they donate these materials to the Energy Well, they will gain Contribution Points from the Energy Well.  Contribution Points can be used to exchange for powerful equipment, rare mounts and special products of the Energy Well.